Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow - Russia

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow - Russia

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow - Russia
Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow - Russia

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is located in the basement of the monument to the Conquerors of Space on Mira Avenue. It was opened in 1981, on the 20th anniversary of the first manned flight into Earth orbit. The museum houses the first artificial satellite of the Earth and the original Soyuz spacecraft melted in the dense layers of the atmosphere, which delivered cosmonauts to their home planet from the ISS. Here you can see a sample of the lunar soil and the design of the lunar rover, learn how to use the onboard refrigerator and how life goes on on the International Space Station today. In 2009, the museum opened after a large-scale three-year reconstruction and now welcomes visitors with an interactive exposition.

A Bit of History

The collections of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics have been formed since 1964, when a monument to the Conquerors of Space appeared on Mira Avenue. The fund continues to replenish today, the total number of storage units is about 93 thousand. In 2006-2009. the museum was closed for reconstruction, during which the halls were expanded, new premises were equipped, the exposition was improved, and a square and a full-length monument to S.P. Korolev appeared in front of the complex.

A live broadcast from the MCC will show over which point on the globe the ISS is currently located.

What to Watch

The museum's collections are located in 8 halls, forming a single exhibition space. The tour begins with the exhibition “Morning of the Space Age”, which tells about the dream of mankind to break through the atmosphere of the planet. The first artificial satellite of the Earth, space suits, automatic stations "Luna" and "Venus", an ejection container and stuffed Belka and Strelka are located here.

The “Creators of the Space Age” hall will introduce you to the first experiments with a liquid-propellant rocket, the personal belongings of F. A. Tsander and S. P. Korolev, and the furnishings of Korolev’s house in Kaluga. "Space House in Orbit" will tell about the everyday life of the cosmonauts of the Mir station and the ISS: you will see mock-ups of the base unit and the Mir airlock compartment, spacesuits for spacewalks and various useful things, such as a space refrigerator, hygiene and dental packs.

Lunar rovers, automatic descent stations for the study of Venus and Mars, as well as the Krechet lunar spacesuit, which, alas, has never been used, are presented in the lunar exploration exposition. The Hall of International Cooperation in Space tells about the Soyuz-Apollo project and demonstrates the current layout of the ISS. The exposition of the international space park will introduce the Proton, Saturn, Energia and other launch vehicles.

Even in the museum, you can walk along the base block of the Mir station, watch the movements of the ISS in a live broadcast from the MCC and read about space in the public library.

Practical Information

Address: Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 111. The nearest metro station is VDNKh.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 19:00, closed on Mondays. On Thursday and Saturday the museum is open until 21:00.

Entrance - 300 RUB, preferential categories (including persons under 17 years old) - 100 RUB. Children under 7 years old enter free of charge. Audio guide — 250 RUB. Every third Sunday of the month, admission to the museum is free for all categories of visitors. The prices on the page are for February 2021.
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