The Chekhov Moscow Art Theater - Russia

The Chekhov Moscow Art Theater - Russia

The Chekhov Moscow Art Theater - Russia
The Chekhov Moscow Art Theater - Russia

Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov is a drama theater, one of the most significant and famous theaters in Russia. The main task of the Moscow Art Theater, according to its founders, was the search for the stage embodiment of the new drama, which did not find understanding in the old theater. It was planned to appeal to the dramas of Chekhov, Ibsen, Hauptmann. In the first period of its existence, the Moscow Art Theater was primarily a theater of contemporary drama.

The beginning of the Art Theater is considered to be the meeting of its founders Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Slavyansky Bazar restaurant on June 19, 1897. The theater was opened in 1898 with the play "Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich" based on the work of Alexei Tolstoy.

In Chekhov's performances, the theatrical system that determined the theater of the 20th century was discovered, a new understanding of stage truth came, turning the attention of the actor and director from external realism to internal realism, to manifestations of the life of the human spirit. For the first time in the history of world theater, the Moscow Art Theater has affirmed the importance of the director - the author of the play, interpreting the play in accordance with the specifics of his creative vision.

Theater Repertoire

The repertoire of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater includes the following performances: N13, The White Guard, Amadeus, The Last Victim, The Cherry Orchard, A Slight Taste of Treason, etc. : O. Tabakov, K. Khabensky, A. Myagkov, A. Semchev, V. Nevinny, M. Porechenkov, S. Yursky, I. Miroshnichenko and many others.

In Chekhov's Moscow Art Theater, the fine British humor of the "Pickwick Club" gathers full houses.

Practical Information

Cash desk working hours: Mon-Sun 12.00-15.00, 16.00-19.00.

Address: Moscow, st. m. Tretyakovskaya, per. Kamergersky, 3; tel .: +7 (495) 692-67-48 (cash desk)
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