Museum Theatre "Bulgakov House" in Moscow - Russia

Museum Theatre "Bulgakov House" in Moscow - Russia

Museum Theatre "Bulgakov House" in Moscow - Russia
Museum Theatre "Bulgakov House" in Moscow - Russia

The Bulgakov House Museum-Theater is the first place in Moscow specially created for all admirers of the famous Mikhail Bulgakov's work. It is here, on Bolshaya Sadovaya, that everyone wants to plunge into the atmosphere of the cult novel The Master and Margarita and learn more about it and its creator.


"Bulgakov's House" was opened in Moscow back in 2004, long before the fans of "The Master and Margarita" had the opportunity to get inside the very "bad apartment" described by the Master in his novel. People came to Bolshaya Sadovaya, 10 (it was this address that became the address of the first Moscow residence permit of M. A. Bulgakov - and at the same time one of the locations of his main book) and left notes, drawings, recognition and admiration for the talent of the writer right on the walls of the entrance, which, of course, it could not please the locals. The opening of the "Bulgakov House" in the famous house "302-bis" (or the House of Pigit, as it is also called) immediately became an opportunity for thousands of Bulgakov's admirers to touch the special atmosphere of his works.

The museum was created by a group of enthusiasts and Bulgakov scholars, exhibits and materials were collected throughout the country - and this process continues to this day. But the main thing that we managed to do was to create an open space in which the visitor feels not like in a museum, where nothing can be touched, but like visiting old friends. It is no coincidence that the museum is filled with furniture and household items of the early XX century, theatrical events and literary meetings: it was in such an atmosphere that Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov lived and worked.

From the very beginning, the entrance to the museum was free (who invites you differently), and the opening hours were decided to be the longest, so that everyone could come at any convenient time - even on weekends, even after work on weekdays. Now it is the only museum in Moscow, which is open every day until 11 pm (and on weekends, even until 1 am).

It was this address on Bolshaya Sadovaya that became the address of M. A. Bulgakov's first Moscow residence permit - and at the same time one of the locations of his main book. You might be interested in the article Zero Kilometer of Moscow.


Three halls of the museum and an authentic buffet 302-bis are the whole story of Bulgakov's life and work, embodied in the atmosphere and in exhibits - both permanent and temporary exhibitions. From the Kiev period to the formation of Bulgakov the playwright - all this is revealed to the visitors by the things of the writer and his family, documents and photographs, illustrations and bas-reliefs.

The museum has a unique electronic exhibition, which presents more than 500 units of letters, documents, photographs about the life and work of Mikhail Bulgakov, fragments of films and theatrical performances based on the writer's works. But in this museum it is not customary to simply respectfully study the exhibits: everyone can call Bulgakov's heroes on real phones from the beginning of the 20th century, see Berlioz's head under the wheels of a tram, try to meet the real Cat Behemoth (by the way, an acting employee of the museum) and drink a glass of tea "by -bulgakovski "in the buffet 302-bis.

What to do for those who have examined all the halls of the museum and want more? First, try to get on an excursion with a visit to the "Secret Rooms" of the museum (there are several of them here). And secondly - choose any of more than 20 original excursion programs. They are held almost every day, there are longer and shorter ones, pedestrian and bus, day and night, and - the proprietary, unique offer of Bulgakov's House - on a specially designed excursion Tram 302-bis "on a rubber track."

Duration - from one hour to six, cost - from 300 RUB to 1100 RUB.

Not Just a Museum

In addition to excursions, the "Bulgakov House" hosts performances, and there are also two literary salons, at weekly meetings of which literary and creative evenings are held. There is also a free lecture hall organized by the scientific and methodological department of the Bulgakov House and the Bulgakov expert I. Ya. Gorpenko-Myagkova.

In the "Bulgakov House" temporary exhibitions are regularly held - as a rule, by contemporary artists, or closely related to the study of the legacy of M. A. Bulgakov. The permanent exhibition of the museum is also changing.

Bulgakov Theater

Why is Bulgakov's House called a museum-theater? The fact is that the Theater named after M. A. Bulgakov was opened right under the museum in 2011. Performances here are very different: these are not only performances based on the works of Bulgakov, but also classical Ostrovsky, avant-garde Kharms, white clownery and plastic performances, as well as family and children's performances, often interactive. The poster for the coming months will be posted on the official website of the Bulgakov House, ticket prices start from 700 RUB.

And the Bulgakov Theater began with unusual excursions-performances, which are held in the "Bulgakov House" even now. These evening interactive shows open the way for visitors to the world of books, where they become the main characters. Professional actors set the outline of what is happening, but it is the visitors who act, in the course of the action, 100% plunging into the mysterious and mystical world of Mikhail Bulgakov. These theatrical tours only happen a few times a month, in the evenings. The number of places on them is strictly limited, the duration is about 2 hours.

Ticket prices range from RUB 1200 to RUB 2000.

Special Projects

The Bulgakov House Museum-Theater is a diverse creative space. For schoolchildren wishing to develop their stage talents, Irina Feofanova's Children's Theater Studio works here. And if you want to create a fantastic photo-image unlike anything else, then you have a direct road to the Elena Martynyuk Photo Studio. Honored photographer of the International Federation of Photographic Art, a member of the European Union of Professional Photographers, Elena Martynyuk works in a unique style of her own, awarded with numerous international awards, and is the creator of unique photographic illustrations for the novel The Master and Margarita.

Practical Information

The Bulgakov House Museum-Theater is open every day, seven days a week and has a lunch break.

Working hours:

  • from Monday to Thursday - from 13:00 to 23:00,
  • on Friday and Saturday - from 13:00 to 1:00,
  • on Saturday - from 12:00 to 1:00,
  • on Sunday - from 12:00 to 23:00.

The entrance is free. Photo and video filming is free.

Excursions: according to the schedule, from 700 to 2000 RUB, benefits are provided to schoolchildren, students and pensioners.

Directions: metro station Mayakovskaya, Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 10, entrance to the arch and to the left, 1st floor.

Prices on the page are for March 2021.

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