Museum of the History of the Gulag in Moscow - Russia

Museum of the History of the Gulag in Moscow - Russia

Museum of the History of the Gulag in Moscow - Russia
Museum of the History of the Gulag in Moscow - Russia

The Moscow Museum of the History of the Gulag was founded in 2001 by the historian-publicist A.V. Antonov-Ovseenko, who learned from his own experience all the horrors of the system of forced labor camps. The museum fund was based on the memories of the Antonov-Ovseenko father and son about the years spent in the colony, supported by material evidence: letters, everyday objects, photographs and videos from the scene. Over time, the exposition was supplemented by the stories of eyewitnesses of the Stalinist repressions and political prisoners, as well as copies of cases opened against famous personalities.

The museum fund is constantly growing: the GULAG prisoners consider it their duty to warn people about the dangers of the totalitarian regime. They share the most intimate, and their confessions resonate in the hearts of thousands of people. It is impossible to build a bright future, ignoring the past - no matter how painful it may be: this message is carried to the masses by the museum staff, and it is difficult to disagree with them. You might be interested in the article Iron Museum in Moscow.

What To See

Initially, the museum was located in the Raevsky Manor, but in 2015, due to the expansion of the fund, it moved to a two-story building with a basement in Samotechny Lane. The first floor was given over to accommodate temporary exhibitions dedicated to the GULAG. In this section, open lectures are held on the topic of Stalinist repressions and their consequences, works by contemporary artists and sculptors are shown, films are broadcast, public readings of the works of repressed writers are organized.

The second floor is occupied by the information section, where archival documents, personal files, photographs of GULAG prisoners, letters, prisoners' household items, newspaper clippings are presented - all the exhibits cannot be enumerated. Nearby there are plates with descriptions in two languages - Russian and English.

Of particular interest to foreigners is an object familiar to any Soviet citizen - a suitcase with basic necessities. During the years of Stalin's repressions, he was in any apartment: the repressed were given only a couple of minutes to get ready, and since no one was sure that he would not be arrested on a false charge, everyone had such sets “just in case ”.

The basement floor of the museum exactly reproduces the interior of the Gulag chambers. The ominous twilight, the prisoners-mannequins exhausted by hardships, the terrifying interrogation room - it's scary to imagine what the people who were held in such a place have experienced.

Practical Information

Address: Moscow, 1st Samotechny per., 9, p. one.

Opening hours: every day from 11:00 to 19:00 (Thursday - from 12:00 to 21:00, Monday - closed).

You can get to the museum by metro (station "Dostoevskaya", "Tsvetnoy Boulevard" or "Novoslobodskaya"), buses No. 24, 38 (stop "Samotechnaya st."), Trams No. 7, 19 (stop "4 Samotechnaya lane stop"), trolleybus No. 13 (stop Samotechnaya st.), 15 (stop "2nd Schemilovsky lane").

Ticket price: adults - 400 RUB, school children, college students, disabled persons of the 3rd group and holders of ISIC certificates - 200 RUB, pensioners - 200 RUB. Free admission every third Sunday of the month. Prices on the page are for March 2021.

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