Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in Moscow - Russia

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in Moscow - Russia

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in Moscow - Russia
Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in Moscow - Russia

In Moscow, you can still drink a glass of soda and syrup for three kopecks and play Sniper, despite the fact that the 80s are long gone. Now, however, for this you have to go to the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. The idea of opening such a museum appeared after its future creators found several slot machines in the bomb shelter of the MAMI hostel. Since then, the collection has grown significantly - today you can see more than 80 cars here, many of which still work perfectly.

A Bit of History

Slot machines appeared in the USSR in 1971 - an international exhibition was held in Gorky Park, where Muscovites saw them for the first time and were overwhelmed with delight. After that, there was nowhere to go - each of those who visited the exhibition wanted to play some more, so soon their own production was set up. At Soyuzattraktsion there was even a special laboratory that was engaged in the development of games. And in the 90s, everything just disappeared rapidly - the devices one after another ended up in a landfill, almost all the documentation was lost.

Most of the Soviet slot machines were of excellent quality - they were mainly assembled at military factories from the best components. Because of this, in price they were slightly inferior to the brand new Zhiguli.

What To See

The collection of the museum contains not only gaming, but also vending machines - with carbonated water, juices and kvass, as well as some exhibits that can hardly be attributed to any category - a coin changer, information desk, photo booth and others. Another important part of the exposition is all kinds of household items that create a unique atmosphere of Soviet retro. The interior of the museum is decorated with old cash registers and radios, flasks for juices, filmstrips, books and magazines.

There is not a single new part in the machines, they all exist in the same form in which they were released. For this reason, the repair has become a serious test - for any device that has failed, one has to look for an absolutely identical "donor".

Despite the fact that slot machines proved to be very tenacious and continued to work properly even after 40 years, do not miss the chance to go to the museum - even the highest-quality equipment breaks down completely sooner or later, and storage conditions for most of the exhibits were not the best for a long time.

In the museum, everything is the same: to play, you need to put a 15-kopeck coin into the machine. So no one forbids visitors who have Soviet money to use it for its intended purpose.

Practical Information

Address: VDNKh, pavilion No. 57, first floor of the park "Russia - my history". The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00.

A new branch of the museum was opened: Moscow, st. Rozhdestvenka, 12 Nearby are the metro station "Kuznetsky Most". Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 to 21:00.

Entrance ticket price: 450 RUB, 350 RUB concessionary, children up to 6 years old are free of charge (accompanied by an adult). Prices on the page are for February 2020.

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