Museum of Erotic Art "Point G" in Moscow - Russia

Museum of Erotic Art "Point G" in Moscow - Russia

Museum of Erotic Art "Point G" in Moscow - Russia
Museum of Erotic Art "Point G" in Moscow - Russia

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The museum opened in Moscow in June 2011 and at once won the status of the largest museum of this kind in the world. It includes the Point G erotic art museum (3000 exhibits from antiquity to the present), a hypermarket for adults, an erotic cafe.

Point G is a Disneyland for adults in the very center of Moscow.

The exposition presents comics for adults, wooden, glass, metal phalluses, candid drawings, porcelain vases with erotic images, paintings by contemporary artists, Japanese prints, Tibetan figurines, erotic sculptures from Ivory Coast, Real Dolls sex dolls from the USA and much more. The cafe is called erotic, apparently to attract couples in love, there is nothing special, except for the decoration, there is nothing in it - the cafe is like a cafe. You might be interested in the article Paleontological Museum in Moscow.

In the museum you can see the most striking and unexpected exhibits of erotic art thanks to the support of the world's leading experts in this field. There are also a lot of talented creators and artists in Russia - that's why the museum has our own, national “zest”.

Opening hours: daily from 12:00 to 24:00

Entrance: 1000 RUB. Prices on the page are for April 2021.

Address: M. Arbatskaya, Novy Arbat, 15; (495) 695-44-30, 695-30-54.


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