Monument to Ho Chi Minh in Moscow - Russia

Monument to Ho Chi Minh in Moscow - Russia

Monument to Ho Chi Minh in Moscow - Russia
Monument to Ho Chi Minh in Moscow - Russia

In 1985, a monument to Ho Chi Minh was solemnly erected in Moscow. The monument was erected at the intersection of Dmitry Ulyanov and Profsoyuznaya streets. The place was not chosen by chance, since the Cheryomushki area has always been considered international.

Apparently, then the prices for the work were not a secret, and after the public learned that 1,060,090 rubles were allocated for the creation and construction of the monument (in 1976) and that money could be used to build a house with 150 apartments. There were protests and statements, but the officials only shrugged their shoulders that the money had already been given to the builders for the improvement of the park.

There are so many troubles with the monument to Ho Chi Minh that it is not even clear. First of all, the exact date is unknown, some claim that in 1985, others that in 1990. And if we consider that Ho Chi Minh was the president of a communist country (North Vietnam), and the independence of North Vietnam was obtained on April 30, 1975, then it can be assumed that the monument to the leader of North Vietnam was erected (at least unveiled) on April 30. Bauman Garden in Moscow.

The next problem is that Ho Chi Minh mentioned in each of his will that he does not want anyone to ever erect a monument to him. But the Soviet government interpreted it differently, they say, since they have a monument to Lenin, then we should also have a monument to their leader.

The monument to Ho Chi Minh is a Vietnamese man rising from his knees in front of the image of Ho Chi Minh. People call it a monument to a flying saucer. Although it has the roughest name, it is most likely a monument to the 300-year-old Tatar-Mongol yoke. Vietnamese and Tatars are not close to each other, but for most people, if the eyes are narrow and the height is a little less than ours, then it means one face. What can I say, ignorance of the peoples and nothing more. After all, this is the same as equating us with blacks.

On the bronze base there is an inscription “There is nothing more valuable than independence and freedom. Ho Chi Minh ". And as an alternative to the monument in his honor, Ho Chi Minh said that it would be much more pleasant for him if they built some kind of large gazebo in which people could just sit and relax.

How to Get There

Get to the Akademicheskaya metro station (the head carriage from the center) and exit to Dmitry Ulyanov Street. At the intersection with Prospect 60th Anniversary of October, cross Dmitry Ulyanov Street to Ho Chi Minh Square, where a large sunny Disk is installed, a monument to the first President of North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh.

Address: Moscow, st. m. Academic, Ho Chi Minh Square.

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