Iron Museum in Moscow - Russia

Iron Museum in Moscow - Russia

Iron Museum in Moscow - Russia
Iron Museum in Moscow - Russia

The Iron Museum opened at the Kremlin in Izmailovo in June 2018. It operates on the territory of the Vernissage new crafts market and presents a unique collection of rare antique irons and other household items from around the world.

The exhibition was based on the private collection of M.V. Gubanov, which was soon supplemented with new exhibits collected from collectors and at flea markets. Today, more than 1,500 items are exhibited in four halls of the museum: steam, coal, gas and electric irons of the 15-20th centuries, as well as other antique utensils, such as old wooden ironing boards, etc.

You can visit the museum on your own or with a guided tour (group or individual). The guide will tell you about how irons were used not only in everyday life, but also in treatment, how to iron gloves and hats correctly, and what to do if an iron was not at hand during the journey.

The museum has its own events for children: special children's excursions, master classes, open lessons, quests and contests on historical themes. You might be interested in the article Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky.

Practical Information

Address: Moscow, KRK "Izmailovsky Kremlin", Izmailovskoe shosse, 73zh, p. 5.

How to find: entrance through the souvenir rows of Vernissage, then along the far right row (with stalls) to the end, then from the blue wooden staircase to the right to the covered arch, at the exit from the arch on the left is the entrance to the museum.

Opening hours: daily from 12:00 to 20:00.

Entrance: adults - 300 RUB, children under 6 years old - free. Prices on the page are for June 2020.

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