Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Kadash (Moscow) - Russia

Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Kadash (Moscow) - Russia

Feature : Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Kadash (Moscow) - Russia
Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Kadash (Moscow) - Russia

In Zamoskvorechye, rich in churches, each temple is a separate story that is surprisingly tightly intertwined with the fate of Moscow. In Kadashi, an ancient settlement where coopers and weavers lived for centuries, there is an ancient Orthodox church. The Church of the Resurrection of Christ, located literally a stone's throw from the Tretyakov Gallery, as well as centuries ago, occupies the dominant status of "cathedral" among other churches in Zamoskvorechye.

This was facilitated by the favorable location between the two main roads to the south: Ordynka and Polyanka streets.


The earliest mention of the church in Kadashi is found in a letter from the Moscow nobleman Ivan Patrikeev dated 1493, where it is called the "Church of the Resurrection in the Gryazhi" - such a name that speaks of medieval concepts of purity.

The first stone building, built in 1657, known from official documents, served only 30 years. In 1687, it was decided to build a new two-story five-domed church with money from the craftsmen of the Kadashevskaya Sloboda and ordinary residents. From its western side, a six-tier bell tower rushed up to 43 m.

The temple was built in the Moscow Baroque style, the distinctive features of which are graceful proportions and an exquisite, as if carved silhouette.

In 1934, state institutions were housed in the building of the temple, including the KGB archive and a sports club. In the 1950s, its interiors were restored under the direction of G.V. Alferova. The Church of the Resurrection of Christ accepted the first believers only in 1992, after the organization of the parish. On December 1, 2006, the temple was handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church.

What to See

In the interior, wall paintings from the mid-19th century and the fence - about the same time, are of interest. Shrines of the temple: particles of the relics of the martyr Eutropius of Rome, the Monk Job of Pochaev, the Kostroma martyrs of the Time of Troubles. In the small chapel of the Royal Martyrs, there is an icon of Nicholas II written on stone.

However, visiting the Church of the Resurrection of Christ will be interesting not only for deeply religious people. At the church there is a museum "Kadashevskaya Sloboda" located in one of the church buildings. It was created on the basis of a rich collection of ceramics, arrowheads, household items and tiles found in the course of archaeological research, restoration and laying of communications along the Kadash. Parishioners donated some items. As a reminder of the persecution of the church, the walls are decorated with crosses from destroyed and not restored Moscow churches, collected by the famous restorer P. D. Baranovsky. Right in the middle of the museum hall, there is a model of a peasant hut, which can be studied both from the outside and from the inside: tiny furniture and traditional peasant household items are neatly arranged in the house.

Practical Information

Address: Moscow, 2nd Kadashevsky per., 7/14.

You can sign up for an excursion by phone: 8 (917) 571-80-20.

The nearest metro station is Tretyakovskaya.

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