Museum of Wax Figures in Suzdal - Russia

Museum of Wax Figures in Suzdal - Russia

Museum of Wax Figures in Suzdal - Russia
Museum of Wax Figures in Suzdal - Russia

In fact, the Museum of Wax Figures in Suzdal is a Moscow museum taken out of the capital. The history of the latter began in 1990, with a small exhibition in Sokolniki. Subsequently, a small exposition was placed in one of the halls of the Ostrovsky Museum, and the exhibits traveled around the world on "tours". Wax figures from the Moscow Museum have traveled all over Russia, North America and Europe. By now, there are more than one and a half hundred of them, and the entire collection was placed in Suzdal (there is no exposition in Moscow now). New figures are constantly being made, so the museum has a great future.

The very first Moscow exhibition consisted of only nine figures of Russian and Soviet rulers. And today the main museum exposition is called "The History of Russia in Persons". Here, on an area of 200 sq. m in three halls, mainly Russian personalities from the 9th century to the 20th century are exhibited.

The central figure of the first hall of the museum is Prince Vladimir. In the second hall you can see Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Russian empresses and famous military leaders. Further, a small exposition is devoted to writers: there are wax Pushkin, Lermontov, Turgenev, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Gorky, Chekhov.

The gloomy basement hall of the museum is especially impressive.

Of course, the exhibition of characters from the new history is also interesting. For example, the trinity Churchill - Roosevelt - Stalin or Vitsin - Nikulin - Morgunov. And also - the expressive A. Mironov with a dramatic look and suddenly Fidel Castro with an invariable cigar.

Practical Information

Address: st. Kremlin, 3.

The museum is located on the main pedestrian street of the city, a three-minute walk from the Kremlin.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 19:00 daily.

Entrance: 300 RUB for adults.

Prices on the page are for February 2021.

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