Sretensky Monastery in Gorokhovets - Russia

Sretensky monastery in Gorokhovets - Russia

Sretensky Monastery in Gorokhovets - Russia
Sretensky Monastery in Gorokhovets - Russia

The small provincial Gorokhovets is one of the few cities that, despite its venerable age (almost the same age as Moscow), is practically not mentioned in the annals and historical chronicles. Perhaps this is for the best, since Gorokhovets has quietly and peacefully lived to this day and has preserved the richest architectural heritage. One of its most valuable treasures is located in the very heart of the city. Life is raging around the Sretensky Monastery, and the monastery, fenced off from its bustle, seeks the truth in peace and tranquility.

What to watch

The entrance to the monastery unexpectedly leads not to the cathedral, but to a hipped-roof bell tower, which rises as much as 35 m. The shape of the belfry is very similar to the analogous structure of the Nikolsky monastery and, in general, is traditional for the cult architecture of Gorokhovets. The bell tower on both sides is adjacent to two-storey stone cell and utility buildings, which were replaced by wooden buildings in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Against their modest background, churches look very profitable and elegant.

The Central Sretensky Cathedral was built in 1689 with the money of the richest Gorokhovets merchant Semyon Ershov. The size of the temple corresponds to the taste of local architects of that time: the refectory and the main volume with apses.

The exterior of the temple is richly decorated: along the entire perimeter, the cornices of the facades are decorated with kokoshniks with ornaments. The windows are marked with carved frames, differing in patterns on the southern and northern walls, and the domes of the cathedral are covered with glazed tiles playing in the sun.

Behind Sretensky Cathedral there is a low three-part church of Sergius of Radonezh of the 17th century. The exterior decoration is rather sparse, especially against the background of the Sretensky Cathedral. The interior is also modest, enlivened only by the tiled stove of the 18th century.

An interesting fact is that the monastery in the entire history of its existence did not function for long. In 1764, as a result of a church reform, it was abolished, and the nuns were transferred to Arzamas. The cell buildings were converted first into district offices, then into a city prison, and later into wine and salt shops. In Soviet times, the temples of the monastery were used as storage facilities, and the rest of the buildings were used as housing. The revival of the Sretenskaya women's monastery took place only in 2001.

Practical information

Address: Vladimir region, Gorokhovets, St. Sovetskaya, 3. Tel .: +7 (49238) 2-37-65.

The monastery is open to the public every day from 7:00 to 20:00.
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