Shopping Area of ​​Suzdal - Russia

Shopping Area of Suzdal - Russia

Shopping Area of Suzdal - Russia
Shopping Area of Suzdal - Russia

A dropping troika with a bright carriage, merrily tinkling bells, perky dances and old rituals of folk festivals, long rows with souvenirs and pickles - all this forms the unique and atmospheric appearance of the shopping area of Suzdal, which has retained its purpose and unique flavor since the middle of the 12th century. It is surrounded by austere stone churches and has been regularly performing its main functions for many centuries, gathering people for big bargaining and during public holidays.

This place can be confidently called the most "tourist" in the city, as all popular excursion routes pass through it. Not a single traveler will pass by without the temptation to purchase a masterfully made birch bark basket or warm painted felt boots made by skilled artisans.

What to watch

Despite such a long existence, the modern look of the square took shape only by the beginning of the 19th century. The cause was a devastating fire that destroyed more of the old wooden buildings. Subsequently, all buildings were replaced with stone ones.

Right in front of the entrance there are the Resurrection and Kazan churches, distinguished by their solemnity and ascetic appearance. The main architectural dominant of the entire space is the slender galleries of the Gostiny Dvor, rebuilt more than 100 years ago and receiving rich merchants from all the surrounding lands. When designing a complex of shopping malls, the architect A.N. Vershinsky took a similar building in St. Petersburg as a model.

Today, as before, in Gostiny Dvor there are shops, souvenir shops and tasting rooms where you can taste excellent quality mead here.

At any time of the year, the shopping area of ​​Suzdal is crowded: sellers offer their goods, tourists stroll leisurely along the colorful counters, looking for something more interesting for themselves, local residents are in a hurry on business.

Practical information

Address: Suzdal, St. Lenin. GPS coordinates: 56.419941, 40.449565
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