Valley of Roses in Kislovodsk

Valley of Roses in Kislovodsk

Valley of Roses in Kislovodsk
Valley of Roses in Kislovodsk 

Summer in Kislovodsk is great to walk. Fortunately, there are many places in the city where you can leisurely walk and admire the beautiful city. One of the most beloved places among locals and tourists is the Rose Valley. 

It is located in the park next to the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium. Here you can witness a truly amazing picture. A huge number of flowers have been planted on a vast territory - just the sea! They are of different varieties, different colors and can delight any person. Mountain Snake of Mineralnye Vody

A long path leads to the Valley, about one and a half kilometers, starting from the main Narzan gallery. It leads past orange alleys and then turns into a wide asphalt road. On the way, there is a small serpentarium, a spring, a pool, a chess house and cafes.

Most of the Valley's buds open in mid-summer - July - August. Picking flowers is strictly prohibited, you can get a fine. The safety of monitored by employees. Local residents respect the Valley and demand the same from tourists.

Also, employees monitor the park itself, where the Rose Valley is located. It is looked after all year round, the grass and bushes are cut, the paths are watered. Here you can safely walk even in the dark, as there are lanterns along the alleys. Gazebo "Eolova Harp" of Pyatigorsk

The park occupies a large area, it is not easy to get around it in a day. Along the way, you come across numerous souvenir sellers, as well as photographers who offer memorable shots with eagles and vultures. 

Under one of the trees in the Valley of Roses, there is a 15-meter crocodile that looks like an ancient monster. Only especially impressionable people can be afraid of him, because the crocodile is carved out of stone. Tourists take pictures with pictures with great pleasure next to him and stick their heads into a heavy mouth. From afar, the monster is given out by its bright white teeth, shining in the sun. Argun Gorge of Chechnya Republic

Closer to the exit of the cable car station. Sitting in a cozy booth, you can enjoy the view of the park from above. A short trip will show you everything that is on its territory. 

As already mentioned, the Valley of Roses is located not far from the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium. The hotel "Kavkaz" is located nearby. These places are noisy, habitable, with a developed infrastructure. Therefore, tourists who are tired of such a holiday go to flowers.

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