Ski resort Grace in Altai Republic

Ski resort Grace in Altai Republic

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Ski resort Grace in Altai Region

The slopes of the Blagodat ski resort are located on the slopes of Mount Tserkovka. The name of the complex speaks for itself - thanks to the mild climate, a large number of clear and sunny days, picturesque nature and excellent infrastructure, here you can forget about the problems and indulge in the long-awaited serenity. But not at rest - lovers of downhill skiing and snowboarding from all over the country come to "Grace" to conquer numerous slopes. Biysk Museum of Local Lore - Altai


The complex has 6 slopes: 2 red, 3 blue and 1 green. The length of the slopes: 650-2500 m, the height difference: 146-550 m. There are 5 drag lifts and 1 chairlift leading to the start of the trails. Riding the latter is a real attraction. Its length is 2050 m, "benches" flying over the forests lift tourists to a height of 801 m. The cost of a cable car ticket is 500 RUB. The ski lift is used with a ski pass: 1 hour will cost - from 250 RUB, unlimited for the whole day - from 500 RUB, and a one-time lift - 100 RUB. Prices on the page are for April 2021.

The rental of a "fertile" ski or snowboard set is offered at a price of 250 RUB per hour.

The resort has several restaurants, each with its own flavor: "Grace" - with live music and an exquisite menu, "Tserkovka" - at the very top of the mountain of the same name with an amazing view, "Ararat" is famous for its fragrant barbecue, and "Ceadir" - for the cuisine of the peoples Altai.

You can put your body and mind in order in the wellness room of the Grace Hotel, which includes a sauna, massage room and a cedar barrel. Mount (Merry) Veselaya in Altai Republic

Practical information

Address: Belokurikha, st. Slavsky, 77.

Working hours: Monday-Thursday: 10: 00-18: 00, Friday-Sunday: 9: 00-18: 00.

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