Psakho River Canyon in Adler

Psakho River Canyon in Adler

Psakho River Canyon in Adler
Psakho River Canyon in Adler 

Not far from Krasnaya Polyana there is an interesting natural attraction - the canyon of the Psakho River. A huge crevice was formed due to a powerful earthquake that occurred millennia ago and the prolonged impact of a stream of water. The moss-covered yew and boxwood forests and cliffs surrounding the canyon only add to the impression, transforming the tourist-filled Sochi surroundings into fantastic landscapes from Tolkien's books.

Here you can admire amazingly beautiful karst canals, small waterfalls and large layers of limestone banks of the Psakho River. Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery in Moscow

What to see

The recreational facility consists of two canyons: Sukhoi and Mokroi.

In the first, there is no more water, only high walls entwined with Colchis ivy. And if you stand in its narrowest place and raise your head, only a thin strip of light will appear at the top. As you move towards the mouth, the walls become higher and higher.

On the stone walls of the Dry Canyon, training routes of varying difficulty are laid; traces of climbing equipment left by climbers are often found. A few decades ago, these places were open only for amateur tourist groups and members of the Sochi caving club - only a prepared person could go down.

Today the situation has changed: the Dry Canyon has turned into a recreational facility that is part of the Sochi National Park.

The dimensions of the Wet Canyon are more impressive than the Sukhoi. It is 2 ... 10 m wide and 2 km long. Along it there are karst troughs and canals, whirlpools, grottoes and limestone layers that formed the banks of the river. This beauty is complemented by the richest subtropical flora, which has chosen both sides of the gorge. Due to the significant difference in elevation between the starting and ending points of the floodplain, a journey along it will include overcoming several dozen ledges.

Those who do not want to get their feet wet can make their way along Psakho through the right bank with a boxwood forest. The moss-covered trees give the impression that they have wandered into a magical forest straight from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Sunlight practically does not penetrate through the crowns, so it is rather gloomy below.

Practical information

Address: Adler district, Golitsyno. GPS coordinates: 43.541349; 39.939048.

You can get to the canyon of the Psakho River from Adler by bus number 131. You need to get off at the bus stop "Batayskaya Ulitsa, 20". Further, the traveler will descend to the Psakho River. This journey will take approximately 30 minutes.

By car, you need to head for Krasnaya Polyana and turn after the sign to the Akhshtyrskaya cave. Then drive about 10 km along the mountain road through Kazachiy Brod. 2 km before Lesnoy, after the sign "Psakho Canyon", you need to turn left. After driving 3 km and wading through the river, on the left side you can see the checkpoint to the territory of the canyon.

Paid entrance.

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