Museum of Man-Made Stone - Alexandrov

Museum of Man-Made Stone - Alexandrov

Museum of Man-Made Stone - Alexandrov
Museum of Man-Made Stone - Alexandrov 

Perhaps nowhere in the world, except in Aleksandrov, one can see such a variety of man-made gems. All of them are grown in the laboratories of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for the Synthesis of Mineral Raw Materials (VNIISIMS). We invite you to visit this small but unique Museum of Man-Made Stone.

It all started with the fact that the staff of the institute began to collect a variety of artificial crystals of perfect shape and with defects. In 1964 a decent collection was accumulated, and a museum was opened. The exposition is located right in the building of the institute, the staff conducts excursions. Cultural and tourist complex Russia (Abrau-Durso)

What to see

The fair sex takes its breath away from the variety of colors and shapes of minerals. Here are presented both natural gems extracted from rocks and their synthetic counterparts. Guides from the staff of the institute talk about how natural stones are processed until they acquire a perfect shape.

Lovers of alchemy can join the secret knowledge about the magical properties of natural minerals: which of them normalizes sleep, and which helps in learning.

After such a heartfelt lecture, tourists usually run to the museum kiosk to buy suitable amulets at quite attractive prices.

The part of the exposition dedicated to synthetic crystals displays minerals and products made from them. Nearby equipment, including an oven for "baking" stones.

Making artificial stones is a whole magic, which is perfectly mastered by the staff of the institute. They grow unique crystals used in jewelry and high technology of the 21st century. Some stone-making processes are practiced only at this institute.

Practical information

Address: Vladimir region., Alexandrov, st. Institutskaya, 1 (VNIISIMS building).

Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 17:00, break from 12:00 to 13:00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays - days off (for organized groups, by appointment, excursions are possible on these days). There is a souvenir shop.

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