Museum of car theft Yuri Detochkin - Altai Republic

Museum of car theft Yuri Detochkin - Altai Republic

Museum of car theft Yuri Detochkin
Museum of car theft Yuri Detochkin

The protagonist of the film "Beware of the car!" Yuri Detochkin has long become a popular favorite, despite the dubious methods of his activities. When employees of the Barnaul City Public Rescue Service, which is involved in the evacuation of car accident victims, opened a museum dedicated to their thefts in 2003, they naturally named it after a naive fighter for justice. Altai Museum of Local Lore in Barnaul

On the 2nd floor of a small house on a quiet street of Barnaul, there is a real treasure for lovers and connoisseurs of cars. It is easy to find it - at the entrance there is a yellow robot welded from a gas tank, old mufflers and shock-absorbing springs. The rooms of the Car Theft Museum are simply packed with exhibits that cause genuine delight among adults and children.

What to see

It is very useful to visit here for every car owner, the exhibition of means and methods of theft is incredibly diverse. It turns out that even an expensive car of a prestigious brand can be opened with the simplest tools, such as a plunger or a steel ruler. More sophisticated hacking options demonstrate a real fountain of technical ingenuity. Although commonplace hammers and wrenches are most often used.

Police officers donated many interesting exhibits to the museum. These are fake numbers with interrupted numbers, fake driver's licenses and insurance policies, electronic code grabbers and jammers of radio beacon signals. Bullet holes on the white car door indicate that the fight against car thieves is not only carried out with the help of striped wands.

In the corner there is a blue motorcycle with a sidecar, next to it is the figure of actor Georgy Zhzhenov in the guise of an automobile inspector who was chasing Detochkin on the same unit. You can even sit behind the wheel. House Under the Spire in Barnaul

People's "car thefts" are no less interesting. Here you can find a classic bear trap, as if it came off the screen of a famous movie, and ingenious locks for steering wheels, and fishhooks in the driver's seat. It happened that from such homemade products, the "lomaster masters" themselves suffered. Museum employees are happy to tell stories about how they rescued unlucky craftsmen from the "embrace" of their cars.

The walls are adorned with photographs and drawings of rare cars - children cannot be taken away from the windows with the exhibited models. There are also many children's works - the museum regularly holds a competition for the best drawing dedicated to auto-themes. The half-broken "Zaporozhets" at the entrance is periodically re-painted by young artists. Original handmade souvenirs are on sale. For example, a plaster mask, which is recommended to carry with you and express to her everything that boils in endless traffic jams. Museum of Man-Made Stone in Alexandrov

Practical information

Address: Barnaul, st. Anatolia, 130.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00. The cost of an adult entrance ticket is 350 RUB, for children under 6 years old admission is free. Prices on the page are for February 2021.

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