Mosque Heart of Chechnya of Grozny

Mosque Heart of Chechnya of Grozny

Mosque Heart of Chechnya of Grozny
Mosque "Heart of Chechnya" of Grozny 

One of the largest mosques in Europe is located in the picturesque and mountainous region of our country, in the heart of the most beautiful Caucasian Republic of Chechnya, in the steel city of the entire region, the city of Grozny. And its name perfectly conveys the meaning laid down by the architects and architects of the temple, that for the glory of Allah they worked on its construction. Valley of Roses in Kislovodsk

The Heart of Chechnya Mosque is not only a place of worship for all those who profess Islam, but also one of the main attractions of the Chechen capital. The building was built quite recently, in 2008, and bears the name of the first president of Chechnya, Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov. It is surprising that its construction, despite its gigantic size, took very little time. The first stone in the Heart of Chechnya was laid in April 2006, and thirty months later its doors were already open to believers.

It is hard not to notice in the main Grozny Mosque and in its architectural elements the echoes with the Ottoman style traditional for Turkey. And this is not all surprising, because the "Heart of Chechnya" was erected on the model of the Blue Mosque, which was built in ancient Constantinople, and now Turkish Istanbul after the capture of this city by the Ottomans. And Turkish architects took an active part in the construction of an impressive and large-scale modern building in Grozny.

It must be said that the most modern advanced technologies were used during the construction of the mosque. One cannot fail to note the ceremonial splendor of this place. This is how it should be, because it was not for nothing that during the construction of the Heart of Chechnya such a unique type of marble as white, which is mined on the island of Marmara Adasy in Turkey, was abundantly used. The height of the four minarets of the mosque is also remarkable - each of them reaches 63 m. These are one of the tallest minarets in the south of Russia.

For the painting of the temple, amazing paintings of both organic and synthetic origin were used, in particular, some inscriptions from the holy book of the Koran were drawn using gold plating. Honey Waterfalls in Kislovodsk

An absolutely unique element of the Heart of Chechnya Mosque is considered to be chandeliers, of which there are 36 pieces, and each of them resembles in shape the main Muslim shrines from all over the world. 

For example, 27 chandeliers are created in the shape of the Qubbatu al-Sakhra mosque in Jerusalem. Others refer to such significant places as Rovzatu-Nebevi in Medina and the Kaaba in Mecca. An innumerable amount of bronze and about 2.5 kg of the purest gold were used for the ebb of the chandeliers and their decorations. It is also worth paying attention to the traditional Chechen ornament decorating chandeliers and Swarovski crystals splashing with light. To thank for such a delicate work is necessary, again, the Turkish company, which put all its strength into creating a real crystal masterpiece.

One of the main symbols of the city, a striking landmark and place of worship of Muslims not only throughout Chechnya, but also in other Caucasian regions, a mosque in Grozny called "Heart of Chechnya" was built in 2008. But for such a short period of its existence, it has become widely known far beyond outside the Chechen capital. Not least thanks to its "environment". The religious building, located on the picturesque bank of the Sunzha River, in the middle of a huge park, is part of the Islamic complex. Where, among other things, the Russian Islamic University is also located. Kunta-Khadzhi and the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of the Chechen Republic.

A rough estimate suggests that having an area of about 5000 sq. m, the mosque can accommodate more than 10 thousand believers. About the same number of people can pray in the summer gallery and square adjacent to the mosque. Ural Vison Gallery in Yekaterinburg City

In 2013, the Heart of Chechnya Mosque was nominated for the Russia 10 competition, which aims to select ten visual symbols of Russia by universal suffrage. Having yielded only slightly less than a million votes, she gave first place to the Kolomna Kremlin, which received 37.5 million votes. 36.8 million voted for the Heart of Chechnya, which gave the mosque an honorable second place. 

Address: Putin ave., Grozny.

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