Lion's Head Castle in Anapa - Russia

Lion's Head Castle in Anapa - Russia

Lion's Head Castle in Anapa - Russia
Lion's Head Castle in Anapa - Russia

If from the quiet resort village of Sukko, where families with small children love to relax so much, go not to the sea, but climb up the river, cross it along a wooden bridge and turn right along a forest road, then suddenly, among a dense forest, you run into a high gray wall with battlements, hung with shields with intricate coats of arms. Yes, this is a castle, but not medieval, but recently erected by a group of stuntmen for the performances of the horse stunt show "Knight's Tournament". It is called "The Lion's Head". Dolphinarium in Anapa - Russia

The first performance took place in 2006, since then the script and performers have changed several times. The troupe has its own stable, where 15 trained horses constantly live, a winter arena where they train, and in the off-season they give performances. The actors live in a hostel higher up the slope.

What to see and do

Inside the castle there is a lists, surrounded by stands. Warriors in chain mail and armor come out here to fight with real military weapons. The culmination of the show is the javelin tournament. Knights fly towards each other on horseback, knock each other out of the saddle. Everything looks very real, the viewers forget that they are stuntmen and are seriously rooting for the favorites.

The winner will certainly present the prize to his lady of the heart, choosing her from among the girls present. The duels are interspersed with performances of circus and buffoons, dances of beautiful captives and horse riding.

In the pause between the morning and evening performances, a torture chamber with real tools of the executioner's craft opens for inspection. The excursion is conducted by a monk-inquisitor in a black cassock. Even a genuine chastity belt is exhibited here, which the valiant but jealous knights wore on their beloved when setting off on a long campaign.

Life is also raging behind the walls at the castle gates. It smells of fried meat, you can hear the hammer ringing on the anvil. Nearby, warriors in green jackets practice archery. The potter's wheel is spinning, a new pot appears in front of the audience. Guests are happy to participate in all matters, children especially like the archery shooting range, men try their hand at the forge, and then all together they satisfy their hunger in the tavern.

The menu includes dishes from medieval cuisine.

There is a riding school on the basis of the castle stable, where everyone is taught how to look after horses, saddle them and manage during dressage and show jumping. Enthusiasts are taught vaulting and horse riding. Hippotherapy sessions are available for special requests. Lighthouse in Anapa - Russia

Practical information

Address: Anapa, pos. Sukko, per. River, castle "Lion's Head". GPS coordinates: 44.802935, 37.439293.

How to get there: by regular bus number 109 Anapa - Sukko to the stop "Lukomorye", then on foot according to the signs.

The price of a single ticket for a day show is 400 RUB, an adult ticket for an evening show is 500 RUB, a ticket for children is 400 RUB. For pensioners, veterans and disabled people - 50% discount. Children under 6 years old enter free of charge, but only if accompanied by an adult. Photo and video filming - 50 RUB. Prices on the page are for February 2021.

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