Lake Abrau in Krasnodar Territory

Lake Abrau in Krasnodar Territory

Lake Abrau in Krasnodar Territory
Lake Abrau in Krasnodar Territory 

Abrau is the largest freshwater lake in the Krasnodar Territory. It stretches for 3 km in length, and its maximum width is 630 m. It is located on the Abrau Peninsula, 14 km from Novorossiysk. The picturesque lake gave its name to the famous Abrau-Dyurso sparkling wine factory located on its banks. Read this article Factory of Winery Abrau-Durso

The nature of the origin of the lake causes endless controversy among scientists. The latter cannot agree in any way on how this lake was formed: as a result of a karst failure, due to destructive landslides, or all this is the remains of the ancient Cimmerian freshwater basin.

However, local residents have their own versions for this case: of course, it was not without a touching legend about the unrequited love of a poor shepherd from Durso and the beautiful daughter of a rich man from Abrau. The girl's parents locked her up with the words “let it be better for the aul to fall into the ground, and the river waters will flood it, than the lovers will see each other at least once”.

There is also an instructive version - they say, there was a large rich aul on this place, the inhabitants of which, boasting of wealth, wanted to lay out the road to the sea in gold and silver. But the higher powers could not bear such pride: as a punishment, the entire aul fell into the ground, and a lake formed on top.

The name Abrau in translation from the Turkic means "collapse", "failure", thereby confirming the version from ancient legends.

Lake Abrau today

The depth of Lake Abrau is about 11 m. However, the elders claim that until recently its maximum depth was about 30 m: unfortunately, the process of siltation and shallowing of the reservoir continues, despite the measures taken.

Lake Abrau is endless, not a single river flows out of it, only one flows - Dyurso, and numerous streams and springs from the mountains. There are several springs at the bottom of the lake, however, without a natural runoff, the lake's waters still go somewhere.

The lake is surrounded by low mountains with gentle slopes, overgrown with rich relict forests: oaks, hornbeams, colorful shrubs, pyramidal poplars, weeping willows. In calm weather, the water of the lake is a completely idyllic picture - an emerald mirror, which reflects the wooded mountains. The height of the lake above sea level is 84 m.

At night, Lake Abrau amazes impressionable citizens with a strange whitening strip on its surface - even in winter this strip is the last to freeze. Pragmatic people explain this by the special action of the wind and water, plus the springs that beat at the bottom of the lake in this place. But without numerous versions of the origin of the white stripe of varying degrees of realism, of course, it was not done.

There is also a continuation of the legend of lovers in the explanation of the mysterious strip on the lake. Allegedly, in sadness, the girl wanted to drown herself when she saw that the entire village went under the water, but the waters of the lake froze, she walked along them like dry land, and on the other side her lover was waiting.

In summer, the waters of the lake warm up to + 28 ° C, many enjoy swimming in its waters. The color of the lake is amazing emerald, and the slight turbidity of the water is explained by the presence of limestone in the rock of the mountainous Abrau Peninsula. Cultural and tourist complex Russia Abrau-Durso

How to get there

In Abrau-Dyurso, excursions to the famous Taman wine factory are regularly organized. The excursion program includes not only the Wine Museum, but also a visit to the lake.

In addition, you can get to the lake by regular bus Novorossiysk - Abrau-Dyurso: the final stop is the central estate of the state farm-factory Abrau-Dyurso, almost next to the lake.

In 1974, the local executive committee of the Council of People's Deputies awarded Lake Abrau the status of a natural monument. In his "Charter of Protection" it is said that logging is prohibited in the lake basin, motor boats cannot be moved on its surface, and that tents and parking of cars willfully be set up on its banks. Rangers are on duty at the lake, watching the rules of fishing, cleanliness and order on the lake. Tourists are invited to stay at a camp site in the south-west of the lake or on a specialized site for tents on the south-east bank of Abrau.
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