Honey Waterfalls in Kislovodsk

Honey Waterfalls in Kislovodsk

Honey Waterfalls in Kislovodsk
Honey Waterfalls in Kislovodsk 

You shouldn't lick the honey waterfalls - you won't feel the taste of Winnie the Pooh's favorite delicacy. They should be enjoyed. Their beauty, unusual appearance, mesmerizing landscape that serves as a background.

These waterfalls are called "honey", because a hundred years ago, wild bees lived in the crevices of the rocks. In summer, the combs were eroded under the onslaught of water, and streams of honey flowed down the rocks. The water became sweet, and the people who bathed in it became sticky. Today there are no bees - they could not stand the harsh winters. And the waterfalls have retained their name and continue to receive thousands of tourists who rest in Kislovodsk and Karachay-Cherkessia.

How To Get There

Honey waterfalls are located on the territory of the village of Krasny Kurgan. You can get here on foot or by car. In addition, excursion tours to the water are constantly organized. The waterfalls are 16 kilometers from Kislovodsk. It's hard to get lost - there are signs everywhere. Another landmark is the Castle of Deceit and Love; you need to walk u kilometers from it. Follow the sound of falling water!


Honey waterfalls are three streams of water. The main one - "Honey" - falls from a height of 18 meters. Others are slightly smaller. They all stand in clouds of water dust. This is not Niagara, so there is no danger and you can see everything perfectly.

The gorge of the Alikonovka River, where waterfalls live, is notable for its interesting beauty. Imagine: on the left - rocks with steep slopes, overgrown with grass and hazel: on the right - dolomite walls. And against the background of such a landscape - rumbling water. All this sometimes looks mesmerizing!

For a hundred years, tourists have managed to lay many trails along the waterfalls. In hot weather, you can find coolness here. Opposite the waterfalls there is a huge rock "Pointer", similar to the bow of a ship. Where she points is not entirely clear.

When you reach your destination, you will be first greeted by the Pearl Waterfall. Then from under the rocks the Sekretnoye drain will imperceptibly run out. It will be replaced by the "Snake", and between the two boulders the "Mill" breaks through. Water splashes from Waterfalls contribute to the ionization of the air. It is never hot or stuffy here. Alansky Holy Dormition Monastery of North Ossetia

"Honey" - the end point of the hiking route to the waterfalls. It is a tributary of the Alikonovka River, so the entire network is named after him. Although each small Waterfall has its own drain, which gave them all names.

Infrastructure and Entertainment

There are good tourist centers in this area, so tourists usually do not have problems with spending the night. It offers horseback riding tours, mountain river rafting, jeep travel and much more. At the end of the trip, tourists are fed with Caucasian cuisine.

A trip to the Honey Falls is a good way to lose those extra pounds and get a boost of vivacity. 

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