Factory of Winery Abrau-Durso | Russia

Factory of Winery Abrau-Durso|Russia

Factory of Winery Abrau-Durso
Factory of Winery Abrau-Durso 

The village of Abrau and the lake of the same name are located in a place of stunning and unique natural beauty. The Abrau-Dyurso valley is so beautiful that, of course, it could not help but become overgrown with myths and legends. But tourists visiting Lake Abrau are most often interested not so much in landscapes as in a very specific museum - the Abrau-Durso Champagne Museum.

In the picturesque valley there is a sparkling wines factory known throughout Russia "Abrau-Dyurso". Its name is made up of the names of two villages that are nominally part of Novorossiysk: Abrau - on the very lake shore, and Dyurso - near the sea (they are connected by a narrow mountain serpentine about 8 km long). Selected green grapes grow in the valley, there is almost no wind, the weather is always gentle, and even the most capricious varieties grow well.

The road itself here is already very beautiful: it is a serpentine mountain road among the wooded slopes and vineyards. The lake and its surroundings are perfectly visible from the hill. By the way, where the lake came from is already a mystery: not a single hypothesis about its origin explains where the Abrau water disappears, which is abundantly nourished by springs at the bottom and a mountain river. Most likely, the lake has a connection with the sea, but where is still not known. State Museum of A. S. Pushkin in Moscow

The Abrau-Dyurso estate was founded in 1870, but the appointment of Count Golitsyn as its manager became a really powerful impetus to the growth and development of the wine industry. At this time, deep cellars for storing wine were manually dug here (the excursion program, of course, includes a visit to them). The first batch of champagne left here in 1897: it was 13 thousand bottles of sparkling wine. It did not go on sale and was supplied exclusively to the court. After the revolution, the economy fell into decay, but in the 1990s. Began to regain its former power and glory. In the 2000s. The plant annually produced about 6 million bottles of sparkling and table wine.

The Abrau-Dyurso factory is one of the few champagne factories in the world where manual methods of work are still in use. Tens of thousands of bottles pass through the hands of the women working here every day.

A tour of the plant and the museum is very popular among tourists in the Krasnodar Territory. Moreover, its program is quite rich, and the tastings are so generous, and the wines in them replace each other so quickly that the guests have to carefully take care of themselves. At the entrance, guests are greeted by a sculptural fountain with the Golitsyn monkey sitting on a bottle of wine - according to legend, the count really had a monkey who had learned to uncork bottles. In ancient cellars, you can see ancient wooden presses, barrels and giant bottles, which have had their own names for a hundred years. Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery in Moscow

Today Abrau-Dyurso offers travelers something more than just a tour of the museum: a real center of wine tourism is open here. These are two restaurants, a barbecue bar and a cafe, a French coffee house, a first-class boutique hotel, a hotel-estate "Round Lake" and a spa center "Champagne". Naturally, all this is worth it, but a beautiful life is a beautiful life.

Practical information

The Abrau-Dyurso plant is located about 20 km along the highway from Novorossiysk, and it is easy to get here by car.

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