Adler market - Russia

Adler market - Russia

Adler Market in Sochi
Adler Market - Russia 

Rest in Adler is associated primarily with the warm Black Sea, healing sea air and subtropical nature. But can you imagine your vacation without southern fruits, sweets and wine? No you can not. These and other tasty attributes of a holiday in Sochi can be found at the Adler market. Read this article Arboretum in Sochi Russia

This place is popular with both tourists and townspeople. People come here for vegetables and fruits from all over the city, although in Sochi, in general, there are a sufficient number of markets.

Prices on Adlersky are generally the same as in competing markets, except that some goods are slightly cheaper.

What to buy

Vegetables and fruits here are mainly from the Kuban, Abkhazia and Turkey. Local origin, primarily fish, meat, honey and cheese. Of course, like any southern market, Adlersky is not complete without an abundance of spice shops. The spices are beautifully arranged in pouches and jars, adorned with fig necklaces, mounds of tangerines, black and white grapes and sleek churchkhela sticks.

The local rainbow trout is worth a look. It has been grown for many years in a fish-breeding complex located near the city.

Practical information

Address: Sochi, Adler, st. Democratic, 38a. Tel: +7 (862) 240-33-10.

Working hours: Monday: 8: 00-17: 00, Tuesday - Saturday: 8: 00-18: 00.

The Adler market is located next to the central Lenin street, so you can get to it by any transport that goes along this street. The stop is called "Market", it is one of the busiest, so it is very difficult to pass it.

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