Barnaul Zoo (Barnaul) - Altai Republic

Barnaul Zoo (Barnaul) - Altai Republic

Barnaul Zoo in Altai Republic, Barnaul Zoo Singing tiger, Barnaul Zoo tiger
Barnaul Zoo in Altai Republic 

When the staff of the Lesnaya Skazka park, located in the Industrial District of Barnaul, bought a pair of two rabbits and chickens to organize a living corner for the smallest children, no one suspected that this was the beginning of the history of the new zoo. It happened in 1995, and just 6 years later, foxes, ponies, squirrels, corsacs and, finally, yaks have already settled in wooden cages. They were followed by foxes and wolves, camels and llamas. The zoo corner was growing - the Himalayan bear, goats, badgers, many species of chickens and ducks had already settled in it. Read this article Museum of Man-Made Stone in Alexandrov

Finally, when a real peacock spread its tail in a special aviary, it became clear that it was time for the overgrown living corner to change its status. In 2010, it officially becomes a municipal institution, and a complete reconstruction of the territory begins. Nowadays the zoo "Forest Fairy Tale" is one of the favorite recreation places for the townspeople, and especially for children.

What to see

About 60 species of animals and birds live in spacious open-air cages, 13 of them are listed in the Red Book. These are "big cats" - the African lion, the Amur tiger, the Far Eastern leopard, as well as the emu, red wolf, mouflons, Javanese macaques. Once upon a time, red-booked pink pelicans flew to Altai, and they took root in the zoo.

The spacious enclosure is inhabited by an especially rare "beast" - a Zaporozhets car of the 968M type of the sedan family.  Demidovskaya square in Barnaul

Various events are constantly held here. For example, "Fabulous Winter Nights" - a walk along the alleys in the company of the lioness Aya, the bear Osip and unexpected encounters with the luminous figures of various animals await visitors. A laser show is prepared for a snack.

Practical information

Address: Barnaul, st. Enthusiasts, 10-a.

Travel by buses No. 1, 10, 39, 113, 113d, 114, 138, 149 or by trolleybus No. 1 to the stop "Stadium" (Entuziastov st.).

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00, ticket office - until 19:30. The cost of an adult ticket is 200 RUB, a student and child ticket is 150 RUB. For children under 3 years old and inmates of orphanages, admission is free. Prices on the page are for February 2021.

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