Akhshtyrskaya cave in Adler - Sochi

Akhshtyrskaya cave in Adler - Sochi

Akhshtyrskaya Cave in Adler
Akhshtyrskaya Cave in Adler 

In the mountains near Sochi, archaeologists have counted at least 400 caves. But only one tenth of them are of interest to science. On the way to Krasnaya Polyana, 15 km from the coast, on a cliff near the Mzymta River, there is perhaps the most famous cave of the Caucasus - Akhshtyrskaya. It is not large in size. But this natural site is known primarily as an archaeological site - it is the oldest attraction in the vicinity of Sochi. The entrance to the grotto is 120 m above the river. Marine Passenger Terminal in Sochi

By now, archaeological scientists have completed their research here. The cave was opened to all comers, becoming an important sightseeing recreational facility.


Akhshtyrskaya cave began to form 350 thousand years ago. In those days, the entrance to it was located right next to the water. It was then that the first Neanderthals, the distant ancestors of man, appeared in the Mzymta valley. But since the Akhshtyrskaya cave was often flooded with river waters, they left these places. 250 thousand years ago the Neanderthals came to the Mzymta valley. The river managed to form a sufficiently deep gorge, so that the grotto was now on a steep slope. But despite the settlement of the Caucasus by primitive man, the main masters of the mountains were cave bears.

These animals spent most of their lives in the cave. Here they were born, continued offspring, went into hibernation. The revealed bones have traces of rheumatism, which indicates constant cold and dampness in the caves. Another "hello" from the bear's past, which has come down to the present day, is the walls of the cave, rubbed to shine by the animals.

The next and last time people came here 30 thousand years ago. The Cro-Magnons, who had already learned how to make pottery and bronze tools, improved the cave. To this day, the remains of a hearth are clearly visible on the ground-covered floor. To protect themselves from drafts, the ancient people erected stone partitions.

Akhshtyrskaya cave today

There are two platforms at the entrance to the cave: an external and an internal one. They are adapted for excursions thanks to the presence of electric lighting and staircases with handrails.

The powerful portal of the cave turns into a 20-meter corridor. Reaching inland, it is divided into two halls, each 8 m wide and 10 m high. Then there is an ascent. Climbing up there on the ropes, you can get into two narrow passages ending in dead ends. The total length of the Akhshtyrskaya cave is 160 m. Tower of St. Constantine in Feodosia

Practical information

From Adler to Akhshtyrskaya cave can be reached by buses No. 131 or 135 to the stop "Trout economy". Moving by car towards Krasnaya Polyana, you need to turn to the village of Kazachiy ford and, after passing it, turn right after the sign "Akhshtyrskaya cave". Entrance fee: 200 RUB. Prices on the page are for March 2021.

GPS coordinates: 43.520610; 39.995770.
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