VDNKh - Moscow City, Russia

VDNKh - Moscow City, Russia

VDNKh - Moscow City Russia
VDNKh - Moscow City Russia 

The biggest diversion and instructive complex in Russia - VDNKh is situated in the north-east of Moscow. Consistently it pulls in a few thousand Muscovites and city visitors. The show is addressed by structures and wellsprings worked in the pre-war Soviet period, situated along wide black-top rear entryways. There are likewise more current constructions committed to space, energy and robotics. 49 structures are perceived as compositional magnum opuses and landmarks of social legacy. The displays are important to individuals, everything being equal. The complex is amicable - with parks and repositories, there is a loosening up air and natural air.

Just at VDNKh you can see a duplicate of Yuri Gagarin's space apparatus, the main traveler airplane and a genuine force plant...

History of VDNKh

The shows was opened in 1939 and filled in as a promoting postcard of the triumphant communism - in the complex of various structures the "accomplishments" of the communist business, which overall existed uniquely on its domain, were illustrated.

During the Soviet time, residents rushed to VDNKh to see the plenitude they missed: quality food, hefty creatures, and present day innovation. Every structure addressed one of the 15 republics of the USSR or a part of the public economy, and in the middle stood the structure of the Russian Federation and the Friendship of Peoples wellspring with brilliant figures of their agents in public ensembles. During the 90s, the structures were taken over by traders, and the show transformed into an enormous commercial center and fell into dilapidation for quite a long while. Figure Skating - Sports In Russia

What To See

VDNKh is a progression of exchange and view structures with lasting displays, shows and abstract nights. Different areas of the public economy are addressed here: light industry, transport, animals, gardening. Numerous instructive destinations, displays and historical centres have been opened. Among the most fascinating are the country's biggest oceanarium, a city ranch, a fishing town, a carnival with a tremendous Ferris wheel, a rose nursery, an understanding room, and a green theater.

Astronautics darlings are interested to get into the intuitive historical center, situated inside the model of the unbelievable spaceship "Buran", watch a film about it and direct its virtual arriving at the cosmodrome.

In winter, an enormous skating arena is overflowed at VDNKh; in summer, youthful and elderly folks individuals ride bikes on the streets, climb a rope park, play table tennis or badminton, sit with a book in the perusing room of chess club, taste fragrant nectar or feast in a bistro. The Botanical Garden borders the show region, where it is exceptionally lovely to walk.

The intricate offers rental bikes, roller blades, bikes and gyro bikes. 

Practical Information 

Address: Moscow, Prospect Mira, 121.

Travel by metro to VDNKh station. 

Opening times: from 08:00 to 21:00 every day. The passage to the region is free, travel and stopping are paid. You can get around by walking or by inner minibusses. Touring visits are held. Find Your Exact Age Using This Age Calculator

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