Tower of St. Constantine, Feodosia

Tower of Saint Constantine, Feodosia

Tower of Saint Constantine, Feodosia
Tower of Saint Constantine, Feodosia 

Speaking about this attraction, the residents of Feodosia certainly can it the symbol of the city. The Tower of St. Constantine is one of the surviving parts of the Genoese Fortress. A powerful fortification was built in the 14th century, when the rulers of the then Kafa thought about strengthening protection of the city. 

In 1971, when Theodosia celebrated its 25th anniversary, a capsule with a letter to descendants was embedded in the southern wall of the tower of St. Constantine. Locals should open it and read the appeal very soon - in 2017. Read also this article Khan's Palace in Bakhchisarai

The architectural monument of Feodosia has a rectangular base and only three walls made of limestone. It is not known for certain whether such a structure of the tower was originally conceived or it became open only when it was destroyed. The tower, which also served as an Armory, could be used as a trap. 

The tower of St. Constantine is depicted on the coat of arms of Theodosia. 

In total, the Genoese made 26 towers in the city's defensive line; the tower, named after the Roman emperor Saint Constantine the Great, was completed in 1338. However, in 1443 it was rebuilt. Read Also this article Admiralty Cathedral Of St. Vladimir in Sevastopol

A feature of the fortification element can be called the presence of hinged loopholes - mashikuli were placed in the middle of the tower. The business card of Feodosia is located in the Jubilee Park, not far from the railway station.

Address: st. Gorky, Feodosia.

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