Sparrow Hills - Moscow City, Russia

Sparrow Hills - Moscow City, Russia

Sparrow Hill - Moscow City Russia
Sparrow Hill - Moscow City Russia 

There are not many places in the city that participate in the life of almost every inhabitant. Wedding corteges come here, artists and writers admire the panorama of the city, school children celebrate graduation here, students rest here and skiers train... In a word, if the Kremlin is the heart of the capital, then Vorobyovy Gory is no less than its soul. 

From the Village to the Cultural Center

According to legend, Vorobyovy Gory got its name of the priest Vorobya who owned these territories, who parted with them in favor of the Grand Duchess Sofia Vitovtovna. From the moment until the very 19th century. Vorobyovy Gory was a favorite resting place for Moscow Princes and tsars. In Soviet times, Vorobyovy Gory was also not ignored: first, almost by accident, changing their names to Lenin, and then choosing them as the location of the country's university.

During the existence of the USSR, Vorobyovy Gory has radically changed. At the time of the foundation of the University (1949), the wooded Bank of the Moskva River was inhabited mainly by elks, wild boars and hares (which by the way, were regularly seen by students back in the 80s). In 1953, when the university was completed, the design of the observation deck was also completed. From that moment on, the edge of the Sparrow Hills became a traditional place of national festivities, and not only the residence of Kings and Princes. Skiing - Sports In Russia

What to See

It is better to start a walk in Vorobyovy Gory from the building of the Moscow State University (10 minutes walk from the Universitet metro station or 3 minutes by minibus). Walking alone the Alley of Scientists, you will come to the observation deck, from which Karamzin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Gorky, Blok, Bulgakov admired, and although the writers of the past saw a completely different city, you will get no less pleasure. As in the palm of your hand, you will see the domes and skyscrapers of the capital, the picturesque bend of the Moskva River and the Luzhniki Stadium, located on the opposite bank. Arriving at the site in the evening, you can easily feel like the heroes of Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita - it was from here that they set off on their mystical journey.

If the Kremlin is the Heart of the Capital, then Vorobyovy Gory is no less than its soul. 

Then you have a way to the Moskva River. Vorobyovy Gory is a nature conservation area where many plants, rare for Moscow, have been preserved. There are a lot of animals and birds; the park provides places where you can feed them. An ecological path is organized on the territory, which is convenient for walking. It will be interesting for children as well, in the middle of the walk they will find a playground.

There is a cable car all year round, which you can use if you decide to go back to the observation deck or shorten the forest walk in favor of a sports one. Russian Mentality -

There is a wonderful walking area along the banks of the Moskva River. Here you can rent skates or bicycles and ride along the river on good asphalt. The Vorobyovy Gory metro station is located on a bridge thrown across the river. If you wish, you can continue driving up the river to the Neskuchny Garden. In the summer, you can take such a walk on a river tram, its station is also called "Vorobyovy Gory".

The eco-center "Vorobyovy Gory" conducts excursions of various lengths for children and adults-free of charge, but by appointment.

The park does not calm down even in winter - there is a ski slope here. Sleigh rides are traditionally organized, and a cross-country ski trail is laid in the park.

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