GUM of Moscow City Russia

GUM of Moscow City Russia 

GUM of Moscow City Russia
GUM of Moscow City Russia 

GUM is a perhaps the most renowned retail chains in Russia yet in addition in the whole post-Soviet space. This isn't just a chic shopping and amusement complex, it is a genuine craftsmanship object, besides, we are discussing both the inner substance of GUM and its outside appearance. The building, executed in the pseudo-Russian style, has become the same symbol of Russia as St. Basil's Cathedral or the Kremlin.

The GUM building, executed in the pseudo-Russian style, has gotten one of the images of Russia and Moscow. Read this article of Gostiny Dvor of Moscow

Interesting Facts

The first advertisement for GUM was made by Mayakovsky, and it sounded like this: "Everything that the stomach, body or mind requires - everything is provided by GUM".

In the 30s, GUM were going to demolish and build in its place the building of the people's Commissariat of Heavy Industry, however, it did not work. 

It was from GUM that Levitan conveyed a joyful message about the victory on May 9, 1945.

Despite the fact that the shopping arcade often burned before the construction of the GUM building, the fire of 1812 bypassed the market, which still surprises historians. 

GUM Today

Modern GUM is not only a building of stunning beauty of architecture, but also dozens of luxury and premium class boutiques. The flagship stores of brands such as Manolo Blanik, Bosco Fresh, Furla and others are located here. Read this article of VDNKh of Moscow City Russia

In addition to shops, there is a cinema, only 3 halls, the largest of which is designed for only 70 seats, which creates a feeling of intimacy. Every year, an ice rink is opened in GUM, on the ice of which star figure skaters have repeatedly appeared, and the legendary fountain, the same age as this building, has been restored. 

GUM is anxious about its history, therefore, a lot of attention is paid to the Soviet style. For example, there is a shop "Gastronom No. 1", decorated in the style of Moscow in the 50s, and "Canteen No. 57", where you can have a nostalgic snack of sausage with green peas.

Specific consideration is paid to the notable changing area on the ground floor. It reproduces the inside of the pre-progressive period, and you can visit it for 150 RUB. For 500 RUB you can clean up (the cost incorporates a wraparound, towel and shoes). Sparrow Hills of Moscow City Russia

Practical Information

Address: Krasnaya Sq., 3; tel.: +7 (495) 788-43-43.

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