Great Mithridatskaya Stairs, Kerch

Great Mithridatskaya Stairs, Kerch

Great Mithridatskaya Stairs, Kerch
Great Mithridatskaya Stairs, Kerch 

Each city has a landmark, which is considered its visiting card, where all tourists first of all rush, and which is present on all postcards. In Kerch, this is the Great Mithridat Staircase. The staircase got its name from Mount Mithridates, to the top of which it, in fact, leads from the main square of Kerch. Mount Mithridates itself, in turn, was named after the ancient ruler of the Bosporus kingdom. At the top of the mountain, in the place where the Eternal Flame is now burning, his magnificent Palace once stood. The innumerable wealth of Mithridates is still legendary.

The Great Mithridatskaya Staircase consists of 432 steps, which are not so easy to climb, but believe me, it is worth overcoming them, at the top you will find panoramic views of indescribable beauty. It is simply impossible to miss this!. Read this article Tower of Saint Constantine in Feodosia

Historical Reference

The Great Mithridatskaya Staircase was built in the first half of the 19th century by the architect Alexander Digby. For seven long years, its construction continued, as a result of which Kerch got a wonderful decoration, and the inhabitants - a favorite place for rest and walks. On the observation platforms there are beautiful vases and majestic griffins made of stone. These mythical creatures with the body of a lion, wings and the head of an eagle are considered a symbol of Kerch and are depicted on its coat of arms.

After the construction of the Stairs to the peaks of a Mount Mithridates, a museum of antiquities was founded, the building of which was an exact copy of the Athenian temple of Theseus. 

In its original form, the staircase did not last long: during the Crimean War of 1853-1856. An Anglo-French squadron massively fired at Kerch, a result, the staircase, along with the Museum, were partially destroyed. The destruction of the Great Patriotic War also did not bypass the pride of Kerch. The restoration of the Mithridates staircase began already in the 1960s. From the remains of stone statues found on the ground, exact copies of their predecessors have been recreated, so stone griffins to this day guard the upper tier of the Great Mithridatskaya Staircase. Entertainments In Yekaterinburg City

Helpful Information

Address: Kerch, st. Mithridatskaya, 12.

It is very easy to get to the Mithridatskaya Stairs, it is located in the very center of the city, a stone's throw from Lenin Square. 

During the tourist season, there are many souvenir tents on Mount Mithridat, where magnets, notepads, bracelets and other tourist trinkets with Crimean and Kerch symbols are sold. 

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