Gostiny Dvor in Moscow

Gostiny Dvor in Moscow

Gostiny Dvor in Moscow City Russia
Gostiny Dvor in Moscow 

The situation "I went to the store and ended up in a museum" is quite typical for life in the capital, because in Moscow every building is a monument of history and architecture. Here is the Gostiny Dvor in the first See, as they say, "from the same opera".

A visit to Gostiny Dvor will hardly become an ordinary shopping trip. Its arcades, decorated with lonic half-columns, seem endless and have been impressive for centuries.

Gostiny Dvor is the largest trade building in Moscow in the late 18th and early 19th centuries; its building became an example of similar buildings in many cities of Russia.

Gostiny Dvor, an outstanding monument of Moscow architecture, occupies an entire city quarter of the city; with its main facade overlooking IIyinka, lateral ones - into Khrustalny and Rybny lanes, and the fourth - to Varvarka. Must See Sites in Yekaterinburg City

By the way, both streets with the side streets adjacent to them were in ancient times in the Great Posad of Moscow, where merchants from all over Russia gathered for trade.

Gostiny Dvor was erected in Moscow at the end of the 18th century by the decree of Catherine the Great. The author of the grandiose project was the famous Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi. However, already in 1812, Gostiny Dvor became a "victim" of Kutuzov's plan, decently burnt in the Moscow fire. Its reconstruction was completed by 1830.the new facade of the risalit was made in the neoclassical style with the use of brightly colored mosaic inserts. A strong impression in the interiors of the building is left by the gallery of the second floor of the building overlooking the courtyard along Rybny lane, reminiscent of the architecture of ancient Rome.

Gostiny Dvor is the largest trade building in Moscow in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. 

In 2000s, despite the status of a cultural heritage site, the Gostiny Dvor building underwent another reconstruction. The part of the building overlooking Varvarka was built on several floors, and the courtyard was covered with a transparent roof. The silhouette of the old Gostiny Dvor has features of modern architecture and, as Muscovites say, has become unreasonable high and cumbersome for the Kitay-Gorod district lying next to the Kremlin.

Now, like 200 years ago, Gostiny Dvor in Moscow is rightfully considered the most prestigious center of trade in Russia. The technical capabilities of the Atrium are about 13 thousand square metres covered with a transparent dome. m, an amphitheater for 450 seats, three-tiered galleries, a powerful climatology system, the ability to connect electrical installations, communications systems and water - give reason to call the Moscow Gostiny Dvor one of the best exhibition centers in Europe.

On the territory of the shopping complex you can find everything your heart desires - shops, restaurants, banks, cafes, beauty salons, etc. All kinds of shows, festivals concerts, fashion shows, children's parties are held here. And soon it is planned to build a hotel that will close the ring of hotels around the Kremlin.

The international fashion week is traditionally held here, where you can not only see the latest collections of famous designers, but also profitably purchase items from past collections. By the way, you can also get a personalized discount, so bargain with inspiration!

They say that shopping in Gostiny Dvor is as unusual as its architecture. Imagine that you are walking in some small European Town, where one of the streets is completely "strewn" with small shops, restaurants, cafes and even ice cream stands. Stars, retro lovers and fans of unusual designers things come here. And all this is in the center of Moscow, not far from the Kremlin, in the Moscow Gostiny Dvor. Arbat - Moscow City Russia

How to Get There 

You need the metro station "Ploschad Revolyutsii", then walk along Bogoyavlensky lane to st. Ilyinka, or the station "Kitay-Gorod", then walk along the street, Ilyinka.

Address: st. Ilyinka, 4, Moscow.

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