Gazebo of Winds, Gurzuf

Gazebo of Winds, Gurzuf

Gazebo of Winds Gurzuf
Gazebo of Winds Gurzuf 

On the southern incline of the Crimean Mountains, essentially on the rough edge of the bluff, a snow-white stone corridor delegated with arch gladly rises. As though coasting noticeable all around, the incredible Gazebo of the Winds is one of the notable sights of Gurzuf, where pretty much every explorer fantasies about snapping a photo. Here, at the highest point of Shagan-Kai, the lines from the tune of Vladimir Vysotsky ring a bell: "The entire world is in the palm of your hand, you are glad and stupid...". To be sure, totally exceptional perspectives open up to the eye: four one and a half-kilometer mountain tops in the field of view, underneath, close to the ocean - Mount Ayu-Dag, the Adalary Islands, the retreat Gurzuf, the eternity youthful" Artek", Partenit and the interminable Black Sea. In great climate, perceivability comes to as much as 150 km!
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From the Historical Backdrop of the Gazebo

The historical backdrop of the heartfelt Gazebo of the Winds started in 1956. As indicated by unverified reports, the development in a particularly surprising spot was begun before the appearance of Nikita Khrushchev, who planned to visit Crimea on a chasing visit. Be that as it may, the visit was dropped because of issue of state significance, and the creators of the task stayed obscure. Coincidentally, the name of the sight comes not from the truly breezy climate, but rather from the mosaic as a "Wind rose" spread out on the floor of gazebo. In 1998, the gazebo was reestablished and surprisingly got another name - "Starfall of Memories", as confirmed by the sign over the passage. Be that as it may, neither local people, nor significantly more travelers became accustomed to the new name, considering it as it was done in the good 'ol days.

Note the admires of uncommon greenery: close to the gazebo grows an uncommon and ineffectively considered endemic - the Yaylinskaya gum. There are just 250 shrubberies of this plant on the whole planet, and every one of them are a gathered on the area of the Crimean Peninsula.

Another normal fascination, which should be referenced, is that in the stones encompassing Shagan-Kai, there are characteristic developments of the "aeolian harp" - through stone curves, through some of them a vehicle can go through.

Such idiosyncrasies of nature on the yayla are clarified by the slow annihilation and enduring of the karst rocks that make up the Crimean Mountains. 

Instructions to Arrive

There are a few different ways to get to the Gazebo of the Winds. One of the most straightforward is to buy a guided visit through the Crimean nature hold site. This alternative will at any rate save you from the high liklihood of procuring a fine from foresters. The transport outing as a rule requires around six hours and comes the conventional ring course from Alushta with a visit to the religious community of Kozma and Damian, a trout ranch and the Krasny Kamen rock. 

The expense of a pass for one traveler to the domain of the save is 150 RUB. 

On the off chance that you choose to get to the Gazebo all alone, you need to drive from the town of Massandra through the Uch-Kosh lot, past the Krasny Kamen rock, at that point through the Nikitsky pass along the old Romanov interstate. Another way is appropriate for the individuals who are certain enough in their qualities and capacity to explore nearby Gurzuf - the more limited street goes through the town of Partizansky. Bakhchisarai Park of Miniatures

The name Arbor of the Winds says a lot about the way that even on the most sweltering day, because of solid breezes arriving at 40 m/s, it very well may be quite cool on the highest point of the mountain, so comfortable garments will prove to be useful.

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