Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yekaterinburg

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yekaterinburg

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yekaterinburg
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yekaterinburg 

Yekaterinburg is a city with a rich, interesting and difficult history. One of the main silent witnesses of the past days are the numerous temples and chapels of the city, which experienced a variety of times - both glorious and bitter. But there is one among the many churches in the city, which cannot be ignored - this is the majestic and monumental Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, which is in the Nov-Tikhvin Monastery. Its ideal austere outlines, the shine of the domes and the high spire resemble the temples of the Northern Capital, St. Petersburg, but nevertheless have their own pronounced character. Read Also this article Must See Sites in Yekaterinburg City


The history of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral began back in 1838, when it was decided to lay a stone church with three thrones. Starting from the moment of its foundation, the Synod granted the cathedral status to the temple under construction. The project was carried out by a famous architect of his time, one of the authors of many beautiful buildings in Yekaterinburg - Mikhail Pavlovich Malakhov.

The church began to be erected in the then widespread style of classicism, its construction was completed only 10 years later, in 1848. The main Chapel of the temple, as expected, was consecrated in honor of the Holy noble Prince Alexander Nevsky, the left - in honor of St. Nicholas the wonder worker, and the right - in honor of the Resurrection of Christ.

The bell tower was built in a typical classical style and was crowned with a beautiful spire directed upwards, so reminiscent of the outlines of the St. Petersburg Admiralty. 

In 1921 the Bolsheviks closed the monastery, and the cathedral received the status of a parish church. Less than 10 years later, in 1930, the cathedral itself was closed. In addition, the communists acted in a completely barbaric way with the burials around the temple, the first of which appeared here in the 18th century - the cemetery was completely destroyed. The building was used by the administration for various purposes.

In 1991 the cathedral was returned to the parishioners. But in order for the temple to be given to the bosom of the Orthodox Church, the believers had to go on a hunger strike that lasted about a month. It is strange, considering that at that time, after the collapse of the USSR, it was not just a common fact, but rather a mass phenomenon - the resumption of services in all monasteries and chapels in Russia.

Since 1992, the words of prayers have been heard again in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, services and sacraments have been conducted. And just two years later, the Jovi-Tikhvinsky monastery itself is being restored, and the church receives the status of a monastery. Entertainments In Yekaterinburg City

Soon the locally revered copy of the Tikhvin Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos was transferred here from the Cathedral of John the Baptist. 

Cathedral Today

Not so long ago, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was completely restored. Moreover, the renovations affected not only the interior of the temple, but also the area around it. In its free time from the hours of divine services, the smartly dressed cathedral greets its guests with a resounding echo of footsteps heard under its high arches. The marble floor, assembled from thousands of pieces, richly decorated side-alters, rich colors of restored frescoes - everything in this place fills the heart with a sense of awe.

You should definitely check out the local church shop. Here, in addition to books and icons, very unusual handmade souvenirs are sold - from perfumery to food.

Practical Information

Address: Yekaterinburg, st. Green Grove, 1.

The temple is open every day from 07:00 to 20:00. Find Your Exact Age Using This Age Calculator

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