Adzhimushkay Quarries in Kerch

Adzhimushkay Quarries in Kerch

Adzhimushkay Quarries in Kerch
Adzhimushkay Quarries in Kerch 

It should be noted right away that a visit to the Museum of the Defense History of the Adzhimushkay Quarries in unlikely to bring you pleasure in the traditional sense. On the contrary, it is better to try to prepare yourself psychologically before visiting this memorial. However, despite the rather heavy sediment that the excursion leaves behind, you should definitely visit here. The Adzhimushkay quarries are not just a memorial museum, it is an attempt to perpetuate the memory of the heroes of the war years and preserve the memories of their heroic deeds in the hearts of the descendants. 

As a result of Operation Bustard Hunt in May 1942, German troops broke through the defenses of the Kerch Peninsula with lightning speed. Only part of the Soviet troops managed to evacuate, the rest were cut off and were forced to defend themselves in the Adzhimushkai quarries, the local population also joined them - more than 13 thousand people went underground. The Germans completely controlled the quarries: they stretched out barbed wire, blew up and blocked the entrances, pumped toxic substances into the underground. People were in dire need to water, food, medicine, but, despite all the difficulties, they made sorties and tried to counterattack.  Entertainments In Yekaterinburg City

The defense lasted for 170 days. On October 30, 1942, the Germans were still able to capture the quarry and captured the remaining soldiers. Of the more than 13 thousand defenders, only 48 people survived. A year later, the Soviet army liberated the Kerch region together with the Adzhimushkay quarries. In fact, the siege of Adzhimushkaya was hopeless and could not bring any victory, it only helped to delay the forces and restrain the offensive impulse of the German army

Memorial and Guided Tour

After numerous search works, as a result of which serious finds were made, a memorial museum was founded in Kerch. Then it was decided to create a memorial museum at the site of the events themselves. In May 1967, the Museum of the Defense History of the Adzhimushkay Quarries was opened, and in 1982 - a memorial to the heroes of the Adzhimushkay Quarries. Today it is the most popular and visited object of the Kerch Historical and Cultural Reserve.

A tour of the quarries takes just over an hour and includes several exhibitions. At the vodakap, tourists will learn how the besieged obtained water, in the gas shelter they will see the shelters in which people were hiding from gas attacks, in the operating room they will get acquainted with the conditions in which the wounded were assisted. In addition, visitors will be taken to the barracks, the field kitchen and the headquarters of the garrison. The total length of the route is 400 m. State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg

Helpful Information

Address: intersection of the streets of the Danchenko family and the Malchenko brothers, Adzhimushkay. You can get to the museum from the Kerch bus station by bus number 4 to the stop "Museum of the history of defense of the Adzhimushkay quarries". Phone: +380 (6561) 5-4901.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00 (in summer - until 18:00).

Admission to the Defense Museum for adults: 400 RUB.

If you are traveling with children, please note that visiting the quarries is only possible from the age of 6. 

It is always cool in the dungeon, so it is highly recommended to bring warm clothes with you. It is prohibited to shoot with the camera and camcorder. A CD with photographs and an information booklet can be purchased at the box office. Find Your Exact Age Using This Age Calculator

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