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Russian Traditions

Russian Traditions

Russian traditions are an interesting hybrid of Christian and Pagan customs. For centuries, they determined the rhythm and way of life of the people - from a clearly painted annual calendar to well-formed marriage and other rituals. Often, even people who are far from religion are happy to celebrate folk holidays and observe some rituals. A wedding, a move, a funeral, a long journey - all these events were necessarily accompanied by ritual actions that migrated from antiquity to our days. Thanks to them, you can attract good luck and scare away evil spirits, bring fertility to the family and to the garden. Irkutsk - Must See Sites in Irkutsk City

The most popular holidays, shrouded in s whole network of traditions, are New Year, Christmas, Christmastide, Epiphany and Maslenitsa. The New Year is accompanied by making wishes, playing snow balls building snow fortresses and snowmen, and sleigh rides. Christmas and Epiphany are deeply religious holidays celebrated in the church and family. On Christmastide and many other holidays, it was customary to guess, mostly unmarried girls were engaged in this, wishing to find out what their chosen one would be. Someone went out into the street and asked the name of a passerby (this will be the name of the future groom), someone tried to see him in a dream or in a mirror in a dark room. Shrovetide is widely known as a holiday of the sun and spring, it was customary to have fun, joke and cook pancakes.

Many ceremonies could take several weeks. A striking example is Great Lent, which many Christians observe at the beginning of spring in memory of the suffering and death of Christ. Strict dietary restrictions are imposed: you cannot eat meal and a number of other products. Now many restaurants can boast of a "fast menu" during this period, and even non-believers often fast. The connection between traditions and cooking in Russia is very close: there are special "ritual" dishes that are prepared on certain days, for example, Easter cakes, pancakes. Must See Sites in Yekaterinburg City

Summer is the turn of festive rituals in the bosom of nature. The most striking example is the holiday of Ivan Kupala with jumping over a fire and driving round dances, one of the goals of which is to help young guys and girls get to know each other. And if it came to the wedding, the bride and groom celebrate, respectively, "bachelor party" and "bachelorette party" with their friends and girlfriends. And after the wedding, the young people are presented with a traditional loaf, and the one who bites off a larger piece, according to legend, will dominate the family.

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