The Best Restaurants To Visit In Sochi

The Best Restaurants To Visit In Sochi

The local cuisine in Sochi is not like the classic Russian one. The proximity of the Caucasian countries left a bright imprint on it. Therefore, they love and know how to cook kebabs, khinkali, khachapuri and other spicy southern dishes, especially from lamb.
Restaurants in Sochi City 

The local cuisine in Sochi is not like the classic Russian one. The proximity of the Caucasian countries left a bright imprint on it. Therefore, they love and know how to cook kebabs, khinkali, khachapuri and other spicy southern dishes, especially from lamb. Be sure to enjoy local seafood, a small red mullet fish, which is most often fried in batter; mussels and medium - sized, but fatty Black Sea oysters. Trout here is not imported, but local and freshest, from a Trout farm located not far from Adler, so it is also worth trying, especially on the grill.

Local menus have one unpleasant (and detrimental to the wallet) feature: as a rule, the price for barbecue, fish (and any other dish on the grill) is indicated not for the whole portion, but for 100 grams. Therefore, in order to represent the cost of a finished dish, you need to safely multiply this figure by 3, or even by 4. To avoid surprises, it is better to clarify this slippery moment with the waiter. You should also be wary of salads in inexpensive canteens (especially in the evening) - the hot climate, unfortunately, is doing its job. Poisoning tablets must be included in the first aid kit.

However, do not be intimated, although local cafes cannot boast of an exquisite interior and well - trained waiters, fresh air, local products and a beautiful view will completely and completely redeem this shortcoming. It is worth mentally preparing for too loud music and dancing in the evenings - but you will feel the atmosphere of the resort completely.

Finding an inexpensive and tasty place in Sochi is not an easy task even for an experienced tourist. There are many unremarkable restaurants with overpriced prices here the long - standing status of the main resort in the country negatively affected both the service and the price tag, and the Olympics only added fuel to the fire. But there are also pleasant exceptions to the rule.

Expensive and Luxurious:

Tavern Dionysus:

One of the most famous restaurants in Sochi. It is located next to the beach and the popular Zhemchuzhina hotel, so you won't be able to pass by... Just like the many star guests, whose portraits now adorn the walls of Dionysus, and even the President, did not. The cuisine is still the same southern, with an abundance of grilled dishes and a distinct Greek influence. The interior is a bit stuck in 90s, but it's still nice and cozy here. The price tag is high, but the food is really good. The most delicate rack of lamb and red mullet are worthy of the closest attention.

1500-2000 per person.

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An expensive but decent restaurant with a European - Russian - Georgian menu and a perfectionist chef. Classic recipes in the author's interpretation claim to be haute cuisine, the presentation is also exquisite. The interior is pleasantly impersonal, the audience is intelligent. You should definitely try dishes from farm duck, cream soups and homemade sweets.

1200-2000 rubles per person.

Cafe Brigantine:

Restaurants next to the seaport specializing in seafood. The star guests who have been here did not influence the price tag and pathos of the establishment in the best way, but a good view of the port and decent cuisine make you close your eyes to it. The menu describe the merits of crab from Alaska and French lavender mousse, but it is better to order any mussel dishes - here they are the freshest, caught in the Black Sea.

1500-2500 rubles per person.

Seazone Restaurant & Bar:

Not a bad place for romantic get - together with fresh fish and seafood prepared according to the rules of haute cuisine. The recipes are European and Pan - Asian, a lot of northern fish and seafood by weight with insidious prices for 100 grams. The modern chic interior is not memorable, but the terrace overlooking the sea is charming. Prices are high, especially for wine, but the freshest Black Sea oysters are worth trying here.

1700-4000 per person.


First of all, you should go here in order to feel the atmosphere of "Soviet chic" - this is greatly facilitated by the carefully restored magnificent interior in the spirit of the 30s-50s in the USSR, a beautiful view of the bay, as well as a chic location right on the second floor seaport. The menu does not correspond to the image, it is European - Russian with a noticeable Italian bias. The kitchen is not bad, but the price tag is ruthless and sometimes you have to wait for an order for a very long time. However, photographs can be taken at this time. It is worth trying red mullet a small and very tasty Black Sea fish.

2200-3500 per person.

Decent and Affordable:


In an oriental way, cozy, all in carpets and pillows, a restaurant of Russian, Georgian and Uzbek cuisine with a motley menu and forgetful waiters. Beef stroganoff and poppy seed cake are especially good. It is convenient to eat after arriving in Sochi by train - the restaurant is located on the pedestrian Navaginskaya Street not far from the station. However, the order will have to wait at least half an hour.

800-1300 rubles per person.


A restaurant for those who yearn for Russian cuisine and atmosphere in southern Sochi. Nice interior in the retro style with large lampshades, soft sofas and 45 volumes of the complete works of V. I. Lenin on the shelves (what could be more authentic ). The theme of Russian antiquity with a noble bias continues on the menu: thick soups, pancakes and stewed meat dishes. Mushroom soup and all fish dishes are especially good.

1000-1600 rubles per person.

Old Bazaar:

Despite the rude design with an abundance of wooden details and not very friendly waiters, the place is very popular. Typical resort cafe in Sochi with Caucasian cuisine and many grilled dishes. But first of all, people come here to eat the best Adjarian khachapuri (boats) made of dough with juicy filling and mini-scrambled eggs on top. Live music is played in the evenings, for which a small fixed amount is added to the price tag.

1000-1500 per person.


The best confectionery in Sochi with delicious signature desserts and a romantic interior. All sweets with the addition of berries, as well as a chocolate - orange dessert deserve special attention. Children will love the marzipan figurines of various cartoon characters sold by the piece. There are also main dishes here, but the price tag is very high. Due to being close to the pedestrian zone, it is always crowded here.

600-1500 per person.

East Quarter:

Cozy restaurant overlooking the sea, which is accompanied by excellent Uzbek cuisine. The staff is hospitable in the oriental way, the dishes are simple, but hearty - it is difficult to leave hungry. Local pilaf and mutton dishes are especially praised. The menu also contains some unexpected Korean dishes for such a place, but they are also prepared decently. The music plays a little louder than a sensitive music lover would like, but the flavor of the Southern resort restaurant can be fully appropriated.

800-1500 rubles per person.

Caucasian Courtyard:

A noisy Caucasian-style place with excellent grilled food and live music in the evenings. The menu is large and varied, there are many Georgian dishes. The guests especially praise the vegetable kebab - they cook it perfectly here. Also noteworthy are the khachapuri. Due to the large number of visitors, many items are not on the menu in the evening, so it is better to come for lunch or an early dinner.

1000-1500 per person.

Chaikhana Torne:

Decent oriental restaurant with an abundance of delicious pastries. The interior is modern with an oriental accent. The menu is extensive, with Colorful descriptions and history of each dish. Everything is tasty here, but the chef is especially successful in soups, salads and lula. 

800-1300 per person.

Cheap and Tasty:

White Nights:

Legendary cafe loved by the locals. The interior is unassuming and more like a dining room, but the kitchen is beyond praise. The local khinkali (served both boiled and fried) have been considered the best in the city for over three decades. The food is delicious, the portions are large, the price tag for Sochi is very friendly. It can be a bit noisy during the season, and there can be queues in the evenings.

500-1000 rubles per person.

Dining Room on Roz Street, 119a:

A very popular self - service canteen close to the railway and bus station - a representative of the positive Soviet legacy. There are often queues here. The cuisine is Russian homemade, but there are also all the specialties of the region. The hodgepodge is especially praised here (it is better to take half the portion, because the plate is huge) and compote.

250-800 rubles per person.

Cheburek "Smile":

An establishment popular since Soviet times with inexpensive and very juice pasties. There are other oriental dishes that are prepared with the same authenticity. Somewhat far from the center, but many tourists come here on purpose. Modest interior, simple atmosphere, lots of local patrons. The staff is really smiling, clearly Striving to live up to the name. 

300-800 rubles per person.

Cafe Camomile:

A simple cafe with a simple interior in the spirit of the 90s and large portions next to the Riviera Park. Barbecue is very tasty by weight, but you can order at least 300 grams, so it makes sense to take one dish for two. The local salads are also good. There are many thrifty tourists and nostalgic vacationers. The latter, after another portion of strong drinks, are trying to become the stars of the dance floor available in Romashka.

400-1000 rubles per person.

Sat Down, ate:

A chain of canteens that came to the center of Sochi from nearby Adler. The food is homemade and uncomplicated, but the portions are large and the price tag for Sochi is very pleasant. Very decent cutlets and other hot-shop dishes. As in other good eateries in the city, there are self-service and rather long queues.

300-800 rubles per person.

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