Restaurants in Yekaterinburg City

Restaurants In Yekaterinburg City 

Restaurants in Yekaterinburg City 

Restaurants in Yekaterinburg take not so much the sophistication of their cuisine as a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. The menus in establishments are usually extensive and appetite-awakening. The prices, unfortunately, are often overpriced, but this pays off with the charm of the place and the courtesy of the service. One Day Trip From Yekaterinburg City

Expensive and Luxurious


Luxurious restaurant of tsarist Russian cuisine with an antique interior. Tasting sets are very tasty and beautiful. 2000-3000 rubles per person.

Bearish Pad

One of the best game restaurants in town. A colorful interior in a hunting style. It's a bit dark, but the service is quick. 1500-2000 per person.


The best Georgian restaurant in the city. People like to come here for business meetings and holidays. Guests praise the meat. 1000-1500 rubles per person.


Modestly calling themselves "provincial cuisine restaurant", they, of course, flirt. The menu includes dumplings with various types of fish, and game in a coal oven. 1200-1800 per person.

Decent and Affordable 


Cozy and stylish place. An extensive menu of homemade Russian and European cuisine. Be sure to try the signature pate. 900-1500 rubles per person.

My Friend Olivier

A trendy place with 8 varieties of Olivier and other dishes of Russian and French cuisine. The service is leisurely. 800-1500 rubles per person.

Own Company

A bright youth chain cafe with European and Asian cuisine interspersed with Russian. 600-1100 rubles per person.

Berry Pub

A paradise for berry lovers: everything is with them. And cocktails, and coffee, and desserts, and... almost all hot meat dishes. 800-1400 rubles per person.

Cheap and Tasty

Dumpling Club 

Cozy modern cafe with farm products and mind-blowing dumplings and herbal teas. 500-1000 rubles per person.

Dumplings Dozen

Dumplings really with a dozen different filings. Hearty, fast, crowds of visitors. 250-500 rubles per person.


A colorful and photogenic cafe, designed as a blacksmith's workshop. A bit far from the center, but the meat here is worth it. 500-800 rubles per person.


A charming pie from which it is impossible to leave without overeating. From folk recipes to author's delights. 300-600 rubles per person. Must See Sites in Yekaterinburg City

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