Russian Mentality -

Russian Mentality -

Russian Mentality

Speaking about the peculiarities of the Russian national character, the expression "Mysterious Russian Soul" is often used. The Russian person is often a mystery, because the brightest extremes often coexist in him. The whole world knows Russian unpretentiousness and patience, when people can live in monstrous conditions of poverty and humiliation. However, when a desperate population revolts, it goes to the end. Reckless courage and sacrifice for the sake of the "common" (first of all, Motherland, the people) is very Russian trait.

The sphere of interests of the Russian person lies outside the material plane of this world. Therefore, the attitude towards money, towards businessmen - from distrustful To negative. After all, the main thing is the soul, kindness, really, and "tears flow through gold", according to one Russian proverb. Interest in the spiritual, in the deep meaning of the universe is also manifested in the love for philosophical conversations and disputes. And Russian unsmiling is in fact a manifestation of sincerity, because a Russian person does not want to deceive others and the world with a "duty" smile. One Day Trip From Moscow City Russia

Russian people believe in their mystical luck. Many things (and sometimes the most in red inventions) are obtained precisely because someone believed in a miracle and took risks that were unacceptable with a more rational approach. A purely Russian concept "maybe", that is, "what if it works out?!" - very clearly illustrates such an opinion. Cold-blooded planning and calculations are not for the Russian nation, it is pushed forward by ingenious insights and out-of-the-box thinking. At the same time, diligence is also appreciated - but not diligence in anticipation of benefits, but sincere love for your work.

Russians are people of the "general", prevailing over the particular. It is very important for them how they look from the outside, that everything is no worse (but not better!) than others. The upstarts have a hard time, because they instinctively seek to "crush" not only because of their success, but also because of their simple difference from others. And vice versa: the Russian people have always been compassionate to the poor and the poor, and alms are invariably given to the poor. And Russian hospitality has already become a byword: after all, even if the guest is not too welcome, a rich table will be set for his arrival. What can we say about welcome guests? Entertainments In Moscow City Russia

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