Entertainments In Yekaterinburg City

Entertainments In Yekaterinburg City

Entertainments In Yekaterinburg City 

In its cultural and party life, Yekaterinburg strives not to lag behind Moscow in anything, on the contrary - to become even more fashionable, original and enlightened. Today the city ranks third in Russia in terms of the number of theaters - there are more than 30 of them in the city, many of which regularly win theater awards. One of the oldest theaters in Russia, the Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, is worthy of its great past, faithful to the classical repertoire (tickets 50-750 rubles). Interesting operettas and musicals are performed at the Musical Comedy Theater, which is popular with the townspeople (tickets are 200-1500 rubles). The city's landmark is the Kolyada Theater with daring performances balancing on the verge of grotesque and contemporary art (tickets are 200-600 rubles). One Day Trip From Yekaterinburg

The Sverdlovsk State Philharmonic Society often invites the stars of classical music, and not without reason: the acoustics are wonderful here (tickets are 7000-700 rubles). The arena "KRK Uralets" accepts the largest stars (tickets 1200-1800 rubles). Tele-Club is considered one of the best venues in the city; domestic and foreign rock bands regularly perform here (tickets 600-2100 rubles). Interesting jazz and blues concerts are held in the intelligent club EverJazz (tickets are 300-600 rubles).

The most "pretentious" place in the city is considered to be Hills 1836 with a status audience, a tech house and a disco house on the dance floor and an overpriced price tag. Pushkin Central Club fiercely competes with him, inviting excellent DJs. Cheerful concerts of young performers from punk to hip - hop are organized by the youth club Nirvana. A popular place with good dancing is Lift 12, and the creative intelligentsia will be welcomed in the trendy Dorn Sechata and New Bar, fashioned according to metropolitan patterns. Read this article All About St. Petersburg

Yekaterinburg is supporting its intellectual trend with the curious Newton scientific amusement park. He has two whole branches - on the streets of Radishchev and Boris Yeltsin (the second is larger). Crawling inside a giant model of the heart or digestive tract, causing a mini - disaster, or taking the pulse of a whale? All this is done by visitors in the company of cheerful guides (tickets are 250-300 rubles). If you want peace and quiet, you can walk along any of the city's two arboretums (in the park on  Pervomayskaya Street there is the first rose garden in the Urals). Or admire the huge boulders in the Stone Tents park on the outskirts of the city.

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