Shopping Places in Kazan City, Russia

 Shopping In Kazan City

Kazan cannot be called the capital of shopping - here, as a rule, all the same names as in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but there is less choice. But in the field of national Tatar souvenirs and cuisine, this city is very pleasant and original place for shopping
Shopping centre in kazan 

Kazan cannot be called the capital of shopping - here, as a rule, all the same names as in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but there is less choice. But in the field of national Tatar souvenirs and cuisine, this city is very pleasant and original place for shopping.

Expensive and Chic:

Suvar Plaza:

A luxurious shipping center designed for high - income buyers, because prices "bite" even during the discount season. More than 70 stores of the best international brands are located on 33 thousand square meters, but first of all they come here for expensive footwear of recognized brands. As in any self-respecting hypermarket, there is a cinema, a number of cafes and even a fitness center.

The Korston Hotel and Mall:

Another elite shopping center, in which there are many shops of elite brands of the Dior level. Here you can also buy pompous gifts - luxurious editions of the Koran, dishes and various home accessories, but prices will be even higher than in Souvenir shops in the city center. Nice bonus: shops are open around the clock.

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Kazan "TSUM":

One of the oldest shops in the city, founded in 1940. In addition to clothing, there are many sports and souvenir shops, and the children's department attracts little visitors. However, despite the Central location, it is not very crowded here-the price tag is somewhat overpriced. But if it didn't workout with your purchases, you can pamper yourself with something delicious from the Bakhetle culinary supermarket.

Decent and Affordable:

Perhaps the main shopping point of attraction in kazan is the shopping center "Koltso mall", located in the very center of the city, next to Bauman and Petersburgskaya streets. On 5 floors and 23 thousand square meters, there are stores of more than 120 international brands of the middle price category. Here you can buy everything - from clothing and cosmetics to groceries and household appliances. Due to its central location, there are always a lot of people here - from bored female students to enthusiastic shoppers. You can have a snack on the restaurant floor, where there are more than 10 fast food cafes.

Svita Hall:

The only shopping center in Kazan with a clear specialisation - goods and clothing for special events (usually weddings). However, even if no holiday is foreseen yet, it is very interesting to walk around this store. Here you can find boutiques of Muslim clothing, designer jewellery and unusual accessories, and brands are usually either Russian or Tatar. Prices are average and above average.

Budgetary and Soundly:

Alafuzovskaya Factory:

According to a new Russian trend, former factory buildings are increasingly being transformed into "creative clusters". The same fate befell the old Alafuzov plant. Now there is a completely new and very fashionable youth place, where photo shoots and parties are held in gloomy industrial interiors, and flea markets are held on Saturdays, where you can buy some curious Soviet - era souvenir or a modern ethnic handicraft for a pittance. So far, young designers of unusual clothes and jewelry are only settling into the premises of the factory, but now it is a pleasure to walk here.


Arriving in kazan, you should definitely try traditional Tatar dishes - first of all, chak-chak(stripes of fried dough in honey syrup). Chak-chak is stored for up to 2 weeks and tolerates transportation well, so this sweetness can be safely brought as a gift to a familiar gourmet.

It is also worth trying the traditional horse sausage kazylyk and the traditional alcohol balm "Tatarsan", which contains almost three dozen berries and herbs (you can buy it in wine shops).

Tatar dishes are available in almost all chain supermarkets, but in specialized stores they are usually fresher and tastier. 


This chain of culinary stores primarily serves the needs of Kazan citizens themselves, who buy their own food at home. It sells both ordinary homemade food and traditional Tatar dishes. Most of the stores are located in residential areas, but one of them can still be found near the center and the old Tatarskaya Sloboda at. 


A network of stores known throughout Russia. In addition to a variety of ready-to-eat meals, you can also buy quite high. The two stores closest to the center are located on Moskovskaya Street.

Stores of bakery Plant no.3:

The chak - chak produced by this bakery is highly praised even by the citizens of Kazan. The freshest sweets and other pastries can be found at kachalova Street, 82.but if, while walking around the city, you come across other stores of this chain - feel free to go.

Chak - chak Store:

A tiny shop on the most touristy street of Kazan, designed more for tourists than for real gourmets. Chak-chak is brought here from the same bakery #3, but the prices are higher here. However, in this store it is worth trying another Tatar sweetness - talkysh kaleve, small airy pyramids made of natural honey, similar in consistency to cotton candy.


In this chain of bakeries, in addition to standard pizzas and pies, you can try traditional Tatar pastries - echopochmak(triangular baked product made from dough stuffed with meat and potatoes) and elesh (round pies made of yeast - free dough stuffed with juicy meat or chicken filling with broth). The prices are pleasantly low.

The main "souvenir place" is, of course, Bauman street. It is here, counting on an endless flow of tourists, that the main souvenir shops of the city are concentrated. The prices are somewhat overpriced, but it is convenient to combine shopping with a walking along Kremlin street - there prices are slightly lower, but there are also slightly fewer shops.

Cozier and more authentic shop shops on Ostrovsky Street. And the price tag there bites much less: the principle "the farther away from the Kremlin, the cheaper the souvenir" works one hundred percent.

Fans of antiques should visit the spontaneous market, which unfolds every Sunday from early morning until about 4 pm near house 53 on Tatarsan Street in a small park named after Tinchurin. The market is fondly called "Book" because of the prevalence of old books in its assortment, but you can also find dishes, accessories, toys and other curious old trifles on homemade trays. 
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